How to Write & Publish a Best Selling Fiction or Non-Fiction EBook

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We’ve spoken a lot about Self-publishing your own eBooks, and I’m sure you are really looking into that by now.

A lot of people have been having problems on what to publish, and how to publish; but I think that shouldn’t be a problem.

Most people especially business people who are skilled in writing have these problems, and this is due to their tight schedules.

Nevertheless, your tight schedule should not prevent you from making your passion known to the world.

This and many more is made possible through one of the services which we offer called Self-publishing.

Self-publishing is an easy task for as many who want to gain popularity, and extra income from their talents which is writing.

Harmony publishing is a certified book publishing company world-wide, and we are committed to helping you publish, and gain from your Books.

The truth is that many people who are great, and experienced writers do not know how to begin projects, and sadly enough, this tells on their work, if you are in such position, do not be scared, because today’s article will surely help you figure out where you should start from.

Self-publishing is the art of publishing your books through an online publishing company.

This process is the easiest way to publish, and popularize your book easily, and efficiently.

With a reliable Publishing company like Harmony Publishing, you are assured of the best quality services at a very affordable price.

So, basically, I would advise you start with writing a fiction eBook or a story telling book containing folklores, ancient myths, and other cool, and interesting stories which are good for kids, youths, and adults alike.

Make sure these stories are entertaining and captivating to your reader, so as to get the necessary feedback. Once you’ve done this then you’re good to go.

Although, this sounds simple, and explanatory enough, most people find it hard to do so. Therefore, I’ll advise that you take our writing courses, or look through our How to write an EBook article, which is available on our website.

Following our course, will provide you with the necessary tools and tips you need to successfully publish your eBook.

We have provided a step-by-step guide through which you will understand how eBooks are published, and also publish your eBook efficiently.

Ensure you properly, and efficiently follow each process, to obtain maximum effect.

By following our tips, you are assured of effortless writing and publishing, which will be of great benefit to you.

In this article. I’ll repeat some of the steps on how to completely, and efficiently write a Best-selling Book whether fiction, or non-fiction without any hassle.

Gather Ideas

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Yes! If you could recall, I mentioned something about gathering ideas, although not in this same tone.

Gathering ideas entails getting feedback from people on what they would like to read, or understand.

You could also gather ideas by observation; this entails observing your surroundings, to write something engaging, captivating, and praiseworthy.

Your ability to observe while gathering information is key, because that will enable you to write an entertaining copy.

Observation is also important because your audience want to be pleased by every line, cliché, criticism, applause, and so on, that you point out to your audience through this piece.

Talk About It

Let's Talk About It! | Teaching Tolerance

Another way to get opinions is to talk about whatsoever idea you got with friends. This will help you get more insight on what you’re trying to give your audience.

If you’re on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, I’ll suggest you randomly, or cautiously present your ideas to them.

This point has been provided, to prevent your ideas from being stolen. The truth is that many book titles have been stolen, and it would have been beneficial to provide some names, but that is inappropriate.

The bottom line is that you should be careful with whom you share ideas with, to ensure your ideas don’t get stolen.

Outline points –characters, names, locations, etc.

When looking for suggestions, and before you begin making preparations for your book, outline points, character names, abilities, and traits.

This action will help you to understand each of your characters better, while planning the book.

Also outlining the points is an easy way of plotting the story of your book if you are writing a fiction book.

For non-fiction eBooks, outlining points is also helpful in planning the pattern of the write-up.

So! Before you start writing, outline your points, as this will enable you to easily present it to the people you choose to communicate it with.

Research your content

Researching your content involves providing thorough, and exact facts, and reports on the particular topic you are writing on.

Doing proper research on the title, and contents of your project is essential, as this will help you in proper preparation for the journey you are about to embark on.

You could visit a local library and the internet to get more ideas for your Non-fiction book or Search the internet for interesting stories, from which you could gain inspiration.

An easy way to research your contents, so as to get ideas, is to check out other books, which have the same genre or are in the same niche as your book. You’ll be surprised about the ocean of ideas you’d find by comparing.

Prepare Yourself

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So, now that you’ve gathered ideas, spoken about it with professionals, and friends what next? Well, the next step, is to prepare yourself for the writing journey.

Doing things like getting your outline ready, getting your tools ready, and making a schedule are the things that are needed for your preparation.

For people who do not know what tools to use, then I’ll suggest you read my article on Best writing tools for the Average writer.

You might want to oust yourself from the troubles of the world, by going on a long trip, but this action is not necessary, since you could just prepare a schedule tabling what you’d like to use your time to do.

Doing so will enable you enjoy your time writing.

For empathy on the type of tools you should use for writing I’ll suggest you either use Reedsy’s Book Editor, which is a free online tool.

It provides you with proofreading services on a paid service, but its grammar correction services are cool, and top notch.

You could also use Scrivener, but make sure you use Microsoft word along with it to make sure changes are effected.

For proofreading use Grammarly premium, and Pro-writing Aid. Using the two of them will help you find out where some errors are in case some are left out by one of these tools.

For plagiarism make use of Quetext premium or Pro-writing Aid, both are cool plagiarism checkers, and are very efficient in carrying out their functions.

Print Your Manuscript Repeatedly

Many writers have found this very helpful, since most people enjoy reading hard copy, compared to soft copies. For every 5000 words you write for your book, ensure you print out your manuscript; this action is necessary to enable you present it to classified audience to proofread, suggest edits, and points.

You will find that this is a good way of making progress without creating mistakes in your book.

Add Photos to Your Book (Not necessary)

Adding photos to your book makes it kind of interactive for some of your audience.

Although some people might not fancy this, try as much as you can to reduce the number of pictures you put into your book, to maintain balance.

Also, you might want to ensure that the pictures you are adding (if you want to) are quality, and High definition.

Make sure they depict the information you would like to pass across to your audience.

Add captions to your photos to also describe what is going on there, to avoid confusion.

Choose a Reliable Self-Publisher

Now, this is where we come in. For many of you who have not heard of Harmony Publishing, we are a company providing online and Hard copy publishing.

Our packages are top notch, and are divided into different categories, which are pocket friendly, depending on your budget.

You could check out our publishing packages here, to be assured of our perfect packages, which are fit for you.

We also engage in writing, proofreading & editing, eBook formatting, and cover design. All these are available according to our packages, and at a friendly rate.

By choosing Harmony Publishing you are assured of the best quality, at an affordable price.

Design Your Book Cover

How to Design a Great Ebook Cover | Creative Market Blog

For people who like doing things according to their taste, and want to single-handedly create, and design their own eBook cover, you might want to use Canva or CreateSpace for the design.

These companies provide free tools for your use, but I’ll advise you go for the premium versions for better output, in case of future projects.

One great thing about CreateSpace is that it provides free templates for you to pick, and start designing from once you’ve successfully registered.

The book being ordered presents you with a beautiful front page cover, with a very captivating effect.

Its colors are great, and you won’t notice any difference between your softcopy, and the hardcopy.

Better still, you could opt for our different packages which has Cover design as one of their features.

We revise different series of covers which are befitting for your book, and I’m sure you’ll like them once viewed.

Not only does our publishing packages cover eBook design, and the likes, but it also ensures that your books contents are also formatted, and arranged in an appropriate manner.

This will ensure that your audience gets a good grasp of your ideas, points, and stories without misunderstanding, or confusion, and while viewing your books beauty.

Format your eBook

Now, it’s time to re-format your eBook. Do this by inserting headers where necessary.

This action will help in splitting, and pointing out the places where a new point is being laid out.

Also insert section breaks. This feature is available for individuals using Microsoft word.

Adding section breakers is really important, in order to get your page numbers, and your headers right as well.

It is very simple to do so, and to make this effect happen, all you have to do is insert a new section at the beginning of each chapter, and another one after the first page of the new chapter.

This action, will enable you modify your header in each chapter.

Also, I’d advise you add a few blank or empty pages which should be arranged in a sequence of even numbers, whenever your chapter ends on an odd page.

You should also consider adding a table of contents, as this will help in accessibility, and easy understanding of what the book entails.

Your table of contents doesn’t have to be too stylish or classy, all you have to do is ensure that each chapter, and sub-chapter is noted successfully in your table of contents.

Create your Index Page

For non-fiction books, an index is very important; because it signifies professionalism.

Although, it might seem kind of hard to add an index to your book, there are many writing tools which are capable of helping you automatically add an index to your eBook.

This feature is one of the things that put Microsoft Word at the top of the Ranks among other writing tools.

This software has an indexing tool, which is capable of thoroughly going through each page, and recording different instances of each word in your eBook.

You might want to do this manually which is also advisable, as it will help in proper documentation words.

Professional indexers charge really large sums to do so, but when you patronize Harmony Publishing, you’ll definitely get the best prices, and efficient jobs which will definitely make you smile.

Final Proofreading

Writers' Center | Kirkus Reviews

Proofreading is very important, especially the one you carry out after completing your book.

Proofreading will help you record grammartical errors, irrelevant words, and other parts where clarity is needed.

A professional proof reader is one who is skilled in performing this task efficiently, and effectively. He/she completely edits, rearranges, and suggests improvements in tone, grammar, and parts of speech.

At Harmony Publishing, we provide you with the best writing, editing, and proofreading services, at suitable and pocket friendly rates.

We make sure that each page of your book is perfectly scrutinized, and checked for grammartical, sentence construction, and clarity issues.

Leave the Rest to Us

Now that you’ve finished cross checking your book, and ensuring that you are ready to publish it, you can leave the rest to us.

Our different publishing packages enable you to enjoy promotions, marketing, and further publishing on other different websites.

Our packages entail eBook promotion, editing, Marketing, printing, and so on. There are numerous package features which we offer, and they are dependent on the particular package you select.

Harmony Publishing also provides pre-ordered hardcopies of your book, for promotions or sale.

We are efficient, our actions are effective, and we tend to make our clients experience maximum satisfaction.

We assure you that your books are in safe hands.

Many writers don’t know how to start or where to start from, when writing a book. This guide has been carefully planned, and practicalised, to help you create a best seller from your book effortlessly.

For authors who do not know what to write, or individuals who have a passion for writing, but do not know where to start from, or are too busy to engage in writing of any form, Harmony Publishing offers you help in writing your books, all you have to do is write a topic, describe how you want it to be, and send to us.

We will help you write, and structure book to your taste, while getting opinions from experts, and your potential audience. All these and many more, at a very reasonable price.

Come to us today, to get value on your passion.

Harmony publishing provides authors with the perfect publishing plans for them to market and self-publish their eBooks with ease.

Our payment plans are flexible and provide authors with concise and straight to the point analysis of how their payments will further sell or advertise their eBooks.

We offer users flexible, seamless, pocket friendly, and convenient options of subscriptions to our authors/clients for them to pick from, our services are top notch and cannot be beaten across the world. Try Harmony publishing today, and get an author’s value on your money.

Harmony Publishing plays a very important role in publishing in Nigeria, the company provides self-publishing services which is aimed at helping authors realise their dreams while minimising the encumbrances associated with publishing.

Getting published has never been more convenient and much easier, Harmony publishing company handles publishing professionally, while offering high-quality quality content, editorial and production services at affordable rates.

Our publishing services cover professional editing services, illustrations, graphic designs, and content generation, as well as print production. Each service is delivered to give you more value for your money.

For more information, kindly call (929) 359-4284 or send us a mail. Visit our site to get started and click on get published to submit your manuscript and begin your publishing dream.


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