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Writing is a way of expressing one’s self to the public in a manner or demeanour that they will enjoy. Writing, mostly involves the use of tools that enhance the writing experience for the average writer.

Since technology has evolved, writing tools have also evolved. Formerly writers had to make use of the typewriter whenever they wanted to create their manuscript.

The typewriter had a lot of problems, and one is the fact that corrections cannot be made to a document that is being typed.

This was a major disadvantage that slowed down the process of writing books, i.e. writers could spend weeks writing one page of a book on a typewriter, so as to avoid errors. It was therefore considered a slow, stressful, and time consuming process.

Writing has been inculcated into humans since time immemorial, and every human is some form of writer, either purposely or unconsciously. Hence, humans have sought for easier, faster and better means of making writing better.

So below is a detailed list of resources, and writing tools, which we think will help writers excel in the art of writing


Online writing courses

writing courses- creative writing

So last week, my boss gave me a list of online writing courses to go through and learn from, which I did, and I am glad to tell you that the courses paid-of, although I’d be having some issues with optimization, the rest of the courses where alright.

Online courses are designed by expert or professional and experienced writers, who want to help growing writers gain grounds in writing.

An online course will help you understand the different forms of writing, styles of writing and formats of writing. Online courses will help you to groom and build yourself as a writer.

A lot of writing courses have helped authors and writers all over the world, and if you are reading this, while looking for flexible online training, you can either visit YouTube to get video tutorials or tutorial websites for text tutorials; either Harmony publishing has got you covered.

Harmony publishing offers short but effective courses and tips on writing, and this week, you’ll be getting a free review of some of our online writing topics.

Since writing has many niches, you might want to understand each one, how they function, and if you can participate fully in it. So! Below is a summary of some online writing contents you might want to research before getting started with venturing into such niche

Content writing for beginners

This article which will be posted soon, will certainly help you know what online content writing is and what it entails, it will introduce you into the different niches in writing.

Knowing what type of writing genre you’re are naturally attracted to, will help in building you professionally and mentally.

This can be described as the building block of the writing process; since knowing what you’re physically attuned to will help you align your focus.

When you’ve discovered your niche, you can then explore others to broaden your career and writing experience. See our writing guide for more details.

Storytelling For Beginners

Many people have experienced the tale-by-moonlight feeling, which involves either your grandparents or parents, involving you in engaging folklore, after dinner, at night; preferably under the full moon.

I did experience this feeling, and I must say, it has a tingling sensation to it, which is that the moonlight makes the stories seem to come to life.

Now, as a storyteller, your job is to create engaging, captivating and emotional stories that will considerable make your reader lost in your world of stories.

 Storytellers master the art of engagement; it is a super power that makes your readers lose focus in the things of life, in the present, and in their natural surroundings, but gain interest, and consciousness in your world, with short, and elaborate pieces.

Most of the captivating books written by great story tellers include: William Golding’s Lord of the flies, Shakespeare’s Othello, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Morgan rice’s The Sorcerer’s ring, Chimamanda’s Half of a Yellow Sun, and J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. These are some of the books I was exposed to, and fascinated by while growing up.

These book authors have achieved greatness by captivating young minds, and I’m sure you’re ready to captivate others yourself.

Novel Writing For Beginners

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a story teller and a novelist? Well, here’s the answer, a storyteller in a modern day view is a person who tells stories In any form of media; while a novel writer could be a storyteller that uses novels as his/her writing medium.

Hence, this brings a conclusion that not all storytellers are novelists and not all novelists are storytellers.

All these and many more are the forms of writing you will be instructed on, as we progress through the course.

Content Editing For Beginners

Content editing is a form of copy editing, or should I say an enhanced or advanced form of copy-editing.

In copy editing, editors are assigned the task of checking for errors in punctuations, spelling, tenses, capitalization, monotonous words, and so on.

While as in content editing, the editor is charged with the task of checking or analysing the article, or books content.

They are generally responsible for content design, development, and analysis for factual errors, consistency, and contradictions.

In all publishing companies, e.g. Harmony Publishing, in our modern day, all manuscripts are first delivered to a content editor to make a standard and unflawed evaluation of the content, and if the need arises, suggest changes for the writer to make.

When the content editor has acknowledged the manuscript and is sure that every of the book’s reader will be captivated, the manuscript is then brought to the office of the copy editor.

Copy Editing For Beginners

Copy editing is an activity which is meant to ensure that manuscripts brought for either online or print publishing are free of errors. For one to be a copy editor, he or she has to have a good command of the English language; or any language the content is to be published in, critical thinking, an ability to observe, and also identify factual errors, and finally, an eye for detail.

Proofreading For Beginners

A proof-reader’s job entails reviewing, and editing the final draft of an article, book, or content, with the aim of ensuring consistency, and accuracy in spelling, formatting, grammar, and punctuation. Essentially, proofreading is the last process of inspection, before a book or article is published.

So! Now you know the different forms of writing, and the processes books go through, before being published. If you are seeking for a detailed course, with hands on experience on this topic, contact us by clicking here, and we’ll provide it for you, efficiently, and effectively. Now, I’d like to introduce you to a list of tools that will actually aid your writing experience.


So here is a list of writing tools that will help you in your pursuit of professionalism, fame, and experience as a writer.

These tools are ranked based on writing helps, popularity, and efficiency. Apart from either s good laptop, or phone, and an internet connection, they are the important tools for your writing career.


Reedsy Book Editor

This is a free writing tool, which was created by blog reedsy’s developers. This online word processor allows you to format your books, while writing, allowing you to have a glimpse of what your book would look like once published.

One cool feature about Reedsy book editor, is that it allows your book to be immediately converted to EPUB or PDF formats, upon completion.

Microsoft Word

I’m sure you already know this by now, Microsoft word is a word processing software created by Microsoft Inc.

Microsoft word occasionally accompanies its package tool set Microsoft Office, which appears as default word processor for some computers.

Libre Office

Libre office is a free, simple, and open-source word processing software which is slightly as popular as Microsoft word. It is mostly employed in linux operating system, and is also very easy to use.


Draft is a free, easy to use, and fun word processing tool, it helps writers to achieve their dream of writing error free content for their books.

If you’re in search of an online word processor that reminds you of daily goals, word count, errors, and lots more; then Draft is the key tool for you.

Also, draft functions similarly to the Google Docs software, allowing you to track changes, make visible comments on the document, collaborate, and work on suggested Ideas, and so on.


Pro Writing Aid

Pro writing Aid is a paid tool that allows writers to conduct grammar, clarity, and readability check, amongst others on written articles or books. Pro Writing Aid is an all-in-one tool, which will help you proofread, edit, and check grammatical content of your write up.

It basically comes as an extension in your browser, and helps edit offline and online content. They currently charge $60 on an annual basis.


Grammarly is a free editing tools, which comes with writing, spelling, clarity, plagiarism, and Readability aids for your documents. Grammarly can be inform of an App, or an extension in your browser.

So! This is a summary of what you’re going to learn from us concerning writing and the tools used in writing.

Most writers, largely encounter the problem of what to write, and how to write; what to use in writing, and how to get inspiration while writing. These questions, and lots more will be answered in our online writing tutorial.

Although what you’ll be receiving is just a glimpse of what it should be, it’ll be essentially beneficial to you as a writer; you can also pay for our tutoring services to get a full vision of our writing courses, by mailing us or contacting us at (929) 359-4284.

We offer full writers course at a pocket friendly fee, with guidelines, and worksheets.

Our writers course is essentially to bring out the best in you explore the vast ocean of resources stored in you, and enhance your professionalism, and experiene in your writing career.

We offer users flexible, seamless, pocket friendly, and convenient options of subscriptions to our authors/clients for them to pick from, our services are top notch and cannot be beaten across the world.

Try Harmony publishing today, and get an author’s value on your money.

Harmony Publishing is plays a very important role in publishing in Nigeria, the company provides self-publishing services which is aimed at helping authors realize their dreams while minimizing the encumbrances associated with publishing.

Getting published has never been more convenient and much easier, Harmony publishing company handles publishing professionally, while offering high-quality content, editorial and production services, at affordable rates.

Our publishing services cover professional editing services, illustrations, graphic designs, and content generation, as well as print production.

Each service is delivered to give you more value for your money.

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