Top Self-Publishing Tips from Self-Publishing Companies


Self-publishing is changing the way authors think, and also earn. Harmony Publishing is dedicated with providing authors with Top Self-Publishing Tips which will definitely help in accelerating their writing career.

In this week’s article, we consider these different tips thoroughly gathered from top authors in the world. As always, for new readers, and others who don’t understand thoroughly what self-publishing is, or who are just hearing the word self-publishing for the first time, let’s look at the paragraph below.

Self-publishing has many meanings but all definitions are centred at one main point. The main point referred to here is an author’s freedom. In simpler terms, self-publishing aims at generating freedom for writers in different categories. I hope this definition is simple enough.

Checking our subsequent articles will help you in understanding what self-publishing is, and how you can participate. In case of time shortage, this article will help you in understanding the need for self-publishing; before speaking on the different tips self-published authors mention to have worked for them.

How Does Self-publishing Work?

There is a major difference between self-publishing and trade publishing. When I speak of trade publishing, I mean traditional publishing. Traditional publishing refers to the old publishing process authors had to go through, before their books were released to the world.

Self-publishing is the art of publishing your books through an online publishing company. This process is the easiest way to publish, and also make your book popular easily, and efficiently. With a reliable Publishing company like Harmony Publishing, you are assured of the best quality services at a very affordable price.

Authors who self-publish their books have a higher tendency to achieve more, in terms of popularity, and other benefits. Self-publishing provides authors with freedom in publishing, editing, and reviewing subsequent productions.

So, basically, I would advise you start with writing a fiction eBook or a story telling book containing folklores, ancient myths, and other cool, and interesting stories which are good for kids, youths, and adults alike. Make sure these stories are entertaining and captivating to your reader, so as to get the necessary feedback. Once you’ve done this then you’re good to go.

Each tip mentioned here has been carefully researched and discussed about with several authors who self-publish with Harmony publishing. So! Ensure you properly, and efficiently follow each process, to obtain maximum effect.

By following our tips, you are assured of effortless writing and publishing, which will be of great benefit to you.

Benefits of Self-publishing

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Self-publishing is an easy task for as many who want to gain popularity, and extra income from their talents which is writing. Harmony publishing is a certified book publishing company world-wide, and we are committed to helping you publish, and gain from your Books.

Since we have already spoken about Self-publishing, in our subsequent articles related to self-publishing; in this the different benefits of self-publishing will be summarised adequately.

Increases The Author’s Popularity

The first benefit self-publishing gives to authors is popularity. Authors who publish fascinating online contents for readers to view experience popularity, because their eBooks are always online and never lost.

So even in the next generation, online writers will benefit from popularity. It is much easier to carry out with a much reliable and convenient source, such as Harmony publishing.

Also, books that are published online enjoy longer shelf life, compared to those in print copies. Online publishing makes room for authors/writers to continuously earn from their books.

Marketing Opportunities

Another great benefit of self-publishing is the marketing opportunities provided for you. Companies such has harmony publishing provides authors who purchase our self-publishing packages with lots of these features.

Authors who publish their books online don’t only attain profile popularity, but also professional popularity. In simpler terms, not only do these authors show readers their expertise in a particular niche or genre; they also show readers their versatility.

Time Saving

Copy Re-Editing

One major problem quality books face, is the issue of complete editing, and copy re-editing. Authors who regularly use the service of traditional publishing companies regularly experience these problems.

Such problems arise due to the nature of the book. Traditionally published books are always in hard or soft cover, and are printed out in such manner. Therefore, when the need for re-editing arises, the whole book has to be printed again, and this has been proven to be a disturbing challenge; due to the high cost of printing, and editing.

On the other hand, when authors self-publishing, they can correct their eBooks at any time and from anywhere before re-uploading their books online.

It gives authors the ability to reach different and all types of audience. Online publishing allows authors to enhance experience and allows you to keep all the rights pertaining to the book.

So those are some of the benefits of online publishing, and there are still many more that users will enjoy, when they get into the art of online publishing.

The Endless Possibilities Of Self-Publishing

Moving on, let’s look into the original topic of today’s article. Top self-publishing tips from the best self-publishing companies & authors.

Understanding these tips, and putting them into practice has helped majority of our authors in achieving their goals. When you self-publish, you bring your manuscript to us, and we help you to carry out the necessary plans, depending on the package you pay for.

People tend to underestimate the power of self-publishing by bringing in books which are not thoroughly planned for publishing. Most of the time, these books are not properly orchestrated (in case of novels, or drama).

Other times, these books don’t gain the interest, or the attraction of their readers; and that is why we always refer our authors to proofread, and edit their books before publishing.

As mentioned earlier, all we can do is proofread, and suggest edits, depending on the package you purchase. To reduce the problems associated with un-revised or sub-standard books, these tips are designed to effectively help authors write better, effecting, and engaging books.

Best Tips from Top Self-Publishing Authors

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These Top Self-Publishing Tips, as mentioned earlier have been gathered from our top authors, who joined the self-publishing industry.

You as an author might have encountered this issue before, and to be honest, everyone feels that at one point their writing patterns might need a face lift (improvement).

No man is an island of knowledge! I’m sure you’ve heard this wise statement many times you’re tired of it. Truth be told, writing is a skill you can never be the best at. There is always a bigger fish. Simply put, for every cliff you beat, there are higher peaks awaiting you.

That’s one of the most interesting things about being a writer. You never stop growing! And here are the Top Self-Publishing Tips to help you!

Tip #1 – Write what You Will Read

If you can’t pick a book related to whatever you are writing, and read it with joy; then you have no business writing that genre at all, hence you should thus try another genre. Moreover, when you write something you love, you input all your emotions, thoughts, and engagements, into the write-up, so the reader feels what you’re feeling as well.

He or she knows your thoughts, and all the energy you’ve put into it. Writing a book related to what you have interests in would increase your knowledge of such field, increasing your experience.

Tip #2 – Use Simple Words

A lot of people say that using big words make them feel important, and knowledgeable, but the truth is that it only makes your work boring. Using big words like impetuous in articles tend to distract, as well as confuse readers; rather use simpler words like hasty or reckless.

Writing in simpler terms helps your points to be delivered effortlessly. The only case which you should use longer or bigger words should be when there aren’t any other words specific to what you’re stating.

Tip #3 – Write Almost Every time

Make sure you write every time, rather than not writing at all. You can decide to write small paragraphs or pages, as part of your book’s project, whenever you get the inspiration. Even if you can’t add anything major to your book, then ensure you write something, articles, poems, and letters, etc.

The idea is to write as much as you can because the more you write, the better experience you will get. It will also help you point out weaknesses in your writing, so you could make improvements.

Writing more is also another means of improving the use of your imagination. The more you utilise your mental power, the stronger it gets, allowing you to get better, and also write with better creativity.

Tip #4 – Build a Fan Base

Although it might not be as easy as it sounds, building a fan base is a great way of expanding your reach, and gaining momentum as a writer. Join writer’s lift, or other writing communities on social media.

Joining these groups will help you in displaying your talent with other authors. Sharing will help you improve through corrections, which have been pointed out by more experienced authors.

Tip #5 – Research Your Niche, and Always Get Feedback from Readers

Properly research what you’re writing on! Make sure you’re thoroughly experienced in the specific niche you’re writing. Proper experience will ensure proper delivery, allowing your audience get a full dose of the message you’re trying to pass to them.

Also, while doing so try as much as you can to get feedback from your audience. It’s the hardest part of improving your experience, and quality as a writer.

Tip #6 – Ensure You Write Quantity before Quality

One of the most quoted authors in the world is Ray Bradbury. He once shared his thoughts about writing, and how to succeed in the industry; in his book titled Zen in the Art of Writing. One of his best advice in this book, is for authors to schedule their writing time.

In his words “Ensure you write daily, because quantity will always make up for quality.”

In simpler terms, the more you practice writing, the better you become, and that makes all the difference when it comes to distinguishing yourself from other writers.

Tip #7 – Get Your Book Edited Thoroughly

Editing is much different from proofreading. It should take place immediately the draft of an article has been completed. Editing doesn’t focus on grammar, spelling, and the likes. All an editor does is to check for free flow of words, removal of fluff words, proper documentation, and so on.

Editing your book properly helps you erase the possibilities of errors in your book. Most times these errors appear as a result of non-thorough human editing. So, an advice is for you to edit using an app, i.e. electronically, or with the use of an experienced editor such as Harmony Publishing Company.

Make sure your book goes through editing by several editors before publishing it.

Tip #8 – Communicate with Your Audience Using Your Books

As an author, who plans on improving his/her reach, you need to ensure your audience understands what you’re saying. In simpler words, the above statement is called clarity & delivery.

Clarity refers to how clear your writing is to readers. Also, clarity refers to how well your audience gets engaged with your reading. If your writing is clear, then your audience will be more engaged with your work; also avoid monotonous words, or sentences.

Your Delivery also matters because your book is a work of art. Ensuring you have concise words, and a perfect sentence structure, is one way of making sure your delivery is quality.

Ensuring that clarity, and delivery of your book is intact will create a better possibility of communicating with your audience.

Having a better communication with them allows you know their thoughts, and also helps in brainstorming new topics, characters, plots, and titles for your latest projects.

Remember your readers are always important, so creating something engaging for them is very important.

Tip #9 – Tell the Truth

Telling the truth is another means of carrying your readers along on the journey, which your book presents. Each book has an adventure embedded in it, and telling the truth is one of the ways you as an author helps your audience in unlocking the keys of such adventure.

Maya Angelou is a famous writer, and one of her best tips is for you to always tell your readers the truth. When you have truth which is worth sharing, the process of writing will become much more easy, and meaningful.

Always tell the truth!

Maya Angelou

Tip #10 – Self Publish

Self-publishing is making waves in the publishing industry. It is known for improving the way authors see the world, and also get inspired. A self-publisher will always win over a traditional publisher because he/she is adapting to the new trends that their audience is interested in.

Self-publishing is very important, as it is gives authors freedom. A candid advice is for you to adhere to each tip mentioned here. Follow them because they have been carefully researched and discussed about with several authors who self-publish with Harmony publishing. So! Ensure you properly, and efficiently follow each process, to obtain maximum effect.

There you have it folks! These tips, as mentioned earlier are the main ideals of our top authors, as well as others around the world. Ensure you follow them, you wouldn’t want to risk anything on your journey to greatness would you?! For better writing, and feedback ensure you follow every step here, and Godspeed.

Are you ready for greatness?

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