Ebook Publishing: 7 easy steps on eBook Publishing.

First of all, I know many of my readers have not heard of an eBook, some have but do not understand its function while others have and know its uses eben to the extent of eBook publishing.

For many people who do not know what an eBook is: eBook is the short form of the word electronic book, it is a form of book publication which is available in digital form, it comprises of written texts, images, and both, eBooks are readable on display of computers or other electronic devices. Although, they are sometimes described as an “electronic version of any printed book”, some forms of eBook publishings is carried out without any form of a hard-copy.

E-books can be read and viewed on special electronic reading devices, and also on any computer device that allows controllable display in its screen, this categories include desktop computers, laptops, tablets and other smartphones. While the inventor of the eBook is not specifically known, we have to give attention to previous inventors who thought up easier ways of reading, e.g. Ms. Angela Ruiz Robles who was a school teacher in Spain, had been thinking of a way to reduce the amount of books which her students had to carry daily, but her ancient model of eBooks was never produced.

Also, we have Mr. Roberto Busa to thank for his earlier and lighter version of the eBook and then finally, Mr. Michael S. Hart, who invented what we know as the eBook today. Without further delay, lets introduce you to the art of eBook publishing:


eBook Publishing

This is the most important and mother of all projects. Before you begin eBook publishing, think up what you would intend to write about, be it sports, fiction or non-fiction novels, inspirational books and so on, the first step is to think up a plan for this project.

If you are not confident of what you are about to write, you could call the assistance of a Ghost-writer, content creator or a story teller to project and underline the plans of your project.

Make sure you have a captivating title for your eBook, which will engage audience and market your eBook. While doing so, think up a project that would digest well among readers and wouldn’t create much of a controversy or confusion.


Being sarcastic; over the years, I have come to admit that no matter how exceptional a book, website or anything is, it is never perfect.

This thinking is due to the presence of multiple critics. Although, yes you need these critics to improve sales, and boost your confidence in writing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect your project before publishing.

To do so, you have to employ the service of a proof reader; A proof reader is a person who is trained in adept scrutinizing and understanding or grammar and language use, most preferably, the English language.

Proof readers are not hard to be found, as you can find them here, at Harmony publishing; visit our websites now for immediate publishing and promotion, or other freelance websites.

Assign the proof reading project to at least three different proof readers to obtain maximum output and then give out samples to fellow authors to gain their opinion.


A nice and attractive cover will help in marketing your eBook and engaging the right audience for your eBook.

A good book cover implies professionalism in every inch, and provides your readers and audience a taste of the pleasure of work that was put into the product. Check out other book sample covers with a similar niche as yours to get some basic ideas as to what to do. Here are a few tips to observe while creating the perfect cover for your eBook:

  • Give the background and the Books titles different colours.
  • Make sure your title’s size is large but also in a comfortable and easy to read kind of font.
  • Do not make your cover to colourful or flashy.
  • Avoid copyrights i.e. use your own words and image in creating the eBook, to avoid being sued for copyrights, or better still, if you need someone else’s images or text, get authorization to use it from the owner.
  • Use good quality images. HD images preferably.

There are other people who specialize in the act of eBook cover design; that is if you do not possess the skill or the time to create such.


There are several different platforms for publishing eBooks, but if you are interested in publishing yours, look no further as we offer this service at a customer friendly price. Publishing your eBook is important so as to gain the popularity you need and to gain comments or views from your audience.


eBook Publishing

Yes! We are here, this is the fun, but yet the hard part. Promoting your eBook is necessary. like I mentioned earlier to reach your target audience and to gain their supports and comments. Finding a good eBook promoter or promotions site is not really hard, because as well as other features, Harmony publishing company, helps authors/eBook writers promote their eBooks at a cost friendly price.


eBook Publishing

Don’t get me wrong; when I say ‘make it public’ I mean let everyone know that your eBook is available online at a stipulated price. You can also upload your eBooks to websites like google-reads, harmony-publishing, the publishers review and so on, to make it public. The above named sites are very popular and will help in making you eBook popular as well.


eBook Publishing

Yeah! You earned the reviews, the good comments and the earnings generated from sale of your eBook, due to the pain it caused, sleep it took from you and so on. That shouldn’t be all! Don’t get me wrong here! But that shouldn’t be all, if you wrote a novel, your readers would be expecting a volume II from you, if you wrote an inspirational book, your audience would expect more on another topic, so that shouldn’t be all. If you have like a three month break after publishing your eBook, make preparations to start a sequel, prequel or another genre of your book.

Like I said, you’ve earned the money, fame your book brought you. It was a rough, tiring and painful process, but you got it though. It gave you the encouragement you need to explore your passion and reveal to the world your capabilities and also to inform them that you could inspire them one sentence at a time, Good job, enjoy the earnings and the fame it brings you, you deserve it.

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