The Ultimate Guide To Accelerating Your Career And Business Through Writing Online And Book Publishing

Writing your book can change your life and advance your career and business if it is done right. Today, we shall share tips on why writing a book could signal the beginning of your journey to the future of learning, education, and wealth creation.

It’s the best way to learn faster, build your resume, and find peers and collaborators who can create job and business opportunities for you.
Content builds on itself. It multiplies and compounds over time.
Daily, your writings provide value to people and enrich the world with countless opportunities. Projects, mentors, speaking gigs, job offers, pitches, investment opportunities, interview requests, TV appearances, and invitations to special events are some of the outlets through which you can create a platform and earn big. It all starts with sharing ideas online and publishing those ideas in the form of books.
Good news: You already have the tools to write online. You know how to read and write. And with access to the Internet, you can create and distribute your work to the whole world at an extremely low cost.

The roadmap to accelerating your career and business by writing online and publishing book can be broken down into seven components:

The Age of Leverage
Make Your Serendipity Vehicle
Create Your Online Home
Set Up Your Distribution System
Learn to Write Clearly and Persuasively
Connect with Anyone
Build Your Personal Monopoly

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Now, let’s begin…

OK, on this session, we’re going to be talking about leverage. Leverage is about expanding your ideas. Writing about it every day. Let’s be clear, within you, you have everything it takes already to start writing your own books. Blogging is what is going to help expand your idea. Apart from expanding your scope on the subject matter you want to focus on when writing your book, blogging helps you concretize on the idea of writing a book and making it appear on a bookstore.

It might take years for your work to hit the library shelves, but when you write on blogs or when you write online, you can reach much more people you might otherwise not have gained access to. Also, people can access your content anytime anywhere without having to reach you personally. Thus, your published content online works and generates income for you even when you are asleep. So, when you write online, you’re basically creating a magnet that’s going to attract people to your ideas. And this attraction only amplifies when you finally get to publish your book in print.
I see people regularly writing on social media and expect people to take them serious. I mean, while it’s OK for you to update on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis to maintain online presence, if you want to succeed as a professional writer and make it big through writing, then you need to create a personal blog.

You start by creating a customised domain name and buying a hosting plan. Understand that your website would serve as your business card. When people search for your contents or something related to your niche online, it’s very difficult for them to see what you have posted on your Twitter or Facebook or Instagram feeds. But when you have a website that’s fully optimized, they easily find you because you have optimized your site and have become an authority in that area.
Have a website is like having an office, since most people would never know your house in order to transact business. Because, frankly, you don’t share your house address online, but when you have an office or a business location, people would automatically come to you
Don’t worry if you don’t want to put out your name on the internet. Actually, you can even open an anonymous website where you get to write anything you want using a penname without anyone getting to know who’s really behind the scene.

Now, the obvious question most newbies ask is: how do I blog and get people to hear about me? Listen, that is simple. Already, you have an audience through your social media handles where you tweet or make updates regularly. Maybe you have friends or family or colleagues. Start by creating a list of your best books or topics you like. Summarise the books or the articles you find interesting. Do these if you don’t know what else to write on. Create those contents and make them form the content of your blog posts, then put the links back where you got them originally from. Ensure you don’t plagiarise, please. Now, upload them on your blog, and share the link with friends and colleagues through your different social media handles. Gradually, people will begin to visit your blog.

Now, the next thing is distribution and visibility. After writing a blog post on your website or being featured in a major blog as guest writer, how do you get people to start going to the blog? How do you build traffic and ensure steady readership of your blog content? OK, the first thing I need you to do is for you to find a site or a blog that has a large audience with a lot of traffic and write for them. It will help push your content here.
What this means is that you have to first of all find a blog site that dwells on your niche area and has ample traffic, then write for them.
Then, when you eventually create your own blog, make sure you have an email collector. This is to enable people register their emails to subscribe to your blog where they get notified, via email, whenever you make a new post on your blog.

Another aspect to consider is that when you build your blog, make sure it’s properly optimized. In layman’s terms, what this means is that when people search for something on the internet (be it products or services), your site will come up fast and feature on the first page of Google search.
Your writing is one of the ways to clarify and shape your thoughts. Create content. Create content. Create content. Often, many people are afraid to write because they think that they don’t have a voice. Everybody has a voice. It doesn’t matter if you are educated. Even if you have been doing a business for years, it serves as a tool which you can teach others. Don’t let anybody intimidate you. You have a voice already; just build on it and shine.

While it’s a good thing that people are often afraid to dish out content that could end up being subpar, you don’t have to worry. Just write. Because, when you write as much as possible and publish on your blog, there’s a possibility that one of your content will rank on Google and you will make money from it somehow.

Another thing to consider is that if you are writing a book, just write everything you know about that topic. Write everything, break it down into simple, digestible parts and feed your audience. Let’s assume your book comprises 10 chapters. Break it down into 210 blog posts or thereabouts and post it online. That’s another way to create quick content if you have already written a book.

Ensure you post evergreen contents. Evergreen content doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheels. What it means is that you are basically writing what people know already, but you are writing it in a much better way. You know, since it is your field, and you possess the right information which the majority of people do not have, you stand at an advantage to act like some sort of authority on such topic.

Please don’t generalize your writing or make it too broad and neither here nor there. . If you are writing on management, then focus on management and do not delve into human resources or entrepreneurship or consulting. If you are into book publishing, specialize on book publishing and focus on writing valuable content on that particular niche for your audience. Focus on the specifics of your subject matter, tie the loose ends of a specific idea so as to build an audience around that subject.

Now, while honing your skills to become a better writer, you could also learn how to do copywriting. In today’s world, buying and selling is the language most people understand. You have to develop the skill in writing to sell your products or services to your target audience. Your expertise in copywriting can make people to click and buy your books online without any additional input from you.

That’s why in our introductory paragraph, we talked about the advantages of collecting email from your readers as this allows you to target them each time you make a blog post. Also, an email list allows you to create targeted content, which in turn allows you to get the required feedback which is necessary if you wish to refine and work on your content production skills.
When you write online, what you’re basically doing is moving ideas around, and make such ideas work for you. Thus, people are going to start looking for you if they are interested in the ideas you are sharing.. They can offer you a job, patronise your services or even buy your products. This is how to start building your online reputation.

Writing a book or writing online is to establish a brand. When you start, make it your personal project and apply all or some of those suggestions we’ve outlined above. Understand that online writing can earn you a daily income if done the right way. And of course, establish your brand on a particular niche and refine your approach as you become more and more an authority on the field.

So, you might want to ask: how do I build my personality locally? While there are no clear-cut approaches to this, just focus on a particular topic or area of interest you think you are good at, learn everything you need to know about that topic and just start writing. Again, as we said, when you start writing online and publishing your book, people may initially think you are just spewing rubbish. But that should not deter you from writing more. Instead, focus on carrying out much research in your field, and then refining your writings accordingly in subsequent blog posts. With time, you will start building your audience gradually.

Why Should You Start Writing And Publishing Your Book?
The reason why you should start writing online is because the world is changing and changing fast. For example, in the next 10 years or so, classrooms will become more and more digital. This creates a fresh opportunity for all those who are content creators or digital content professionals. Everybody is building an online course platform these days. Because in future, practically everybody would be a teacher in their area of expertise. Traditional classroom learning would be a thing of the past. So if you start now to establish yourself on a particular area of online writing, in future, you’ll be well positioned to be one of the digital content trailblazers. That is the reason why you need to start writing now. Start publishing your book.

So How Do I Get Started?
Remember attention is gold. If you have come this far. It means you are really serious about writing and publishing your book.
When Are You Doing To Start?
Now that you have known what you need to do, when and how do you plan to get started? You have been working for five to 10 years. That means you have the requisite knowledge already. What you just need right now is for you to sit down and decide, okay, I want to start writing today. Draft a timeline and begin to put in the works. If you are most productive during the morning period of the day, then write for one hour or even for 15 minutes daily. Publish your thoughts regularly. When you publish maybe 5 to 10 blog posts, you will start getting feedbacks. People will start taking notice of your writings. The right people, I mean. And opportunities and doors will start to open for you because of the ideas that you’ve shared. So be prepared for the feedback.

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