Free Advice And Guidance On How To Publish Your Own Book From In-depth Knowledge From A Nigerian Publisher

Are you thinking of writing a book? A collection of poems? A few short stories about your life or work? Or maybe even a full novel? Have you a dream of publishing it and seeing it in your hand as a finished product? Yet you don’t know where to start? Editors . . . proofreaders… cover design… the layout of the book… printing costs… Where do you even begin to look for help? Many people give up, as it seems too big a mountain to climb. And with so little chance of success, it may well feel your dream had ended before it ever had a chance to start.

Think again.

Harmony Publishing is one of Nigeria’s leading self-published company is now offering all the free advice to help you on your way to seeing your book in a published format. Harmony Publishing is just a phone call away with all the experience and resources to help you complete the task.

How to come up with your manuscript.

From our experience, many authors prefer to write with pen and paper while some write on their personal computers or smartphones. Every one of them comes with their challenges. We have had authors who have written so many books on their notebook but not able able to transfer it to Microsoft Word format, and we have authors who are always getting distracted with social media and emails whenever they sit down to write which either cause to write slow, low quality work or incomplete manuscript. But there’s another reason why you haven’t published. Maybe you are too busy with work. Harmony Publishing provides ghostwriting services. Our team will sit down with you to understand your ideas and inspiration then write your manuscript. Write to us here. Go straight here if you have already finished your manuscript and you need your book to be published immediately and distributed worldwide.

Simple ways to plan and design your manuscript

Start with the structure of the book. Put down the characters, write the table of contents, name the chapters. After drawing the blueprint of the book, then begin to fill the details. I know many authors do prefer to write as inspiration goes. The challenge of this method is that you stop when you have a writer block or any small distraction. The blueprint method is proven because houses are designed before any block is touched.

Arrange your manuscript

Let’s say you have written your manuscript on notebooks, and you don’t have time to type it. Harmony Publishing can take it from there. We will sort it, arrange it and send it back to you to over to make sure everything is in order

How to get your manuscript edited

When you are thoroughly over the manuscript, there’s an 80% chance you missed something. You know a second eye to confirm everything is okay. There’s where the work of editor comes in. You must be extremely careful when giving out your hard-earned written manuscript to anyone. I suggest you send out a few pages, maybe chapter one to the editor to edit. You can decide if the editor is your match from that experience. We have ahead of editors stealing authors’ work or doing a lousy job after a vast amount of money and time have been spent. Better safe than sorry.

Let’s say we are working with our editor as we do offer editorial services. After the arrangements of your manuscript. The second step is the editorial team working on your book. This is the most crucial part of your writing. As an author, you have the responsibility to make sure an editor doesn’t change your voice, and many times it is not intentional but just an editor doing innocently doing his or her job.

How to get the best interior design layouts ideas for your book.

Most houses in Nigeria looks like. It means all the design engineers go to the same school and take an oath to build the building everywhere. Your book shouldn’t be like this. Look around online to see the interior layout of the best-selling books relating to your category. See how it is done, copy, and improve it. They are bestselling for a reason. You can see inside of the book by going to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and see the section to look inside the book. Harmony Publishing will work to give you the best interior design layouts for you. You don’t need to worry about it. The same process also applies to your cover design.

How to make sure your book is printed perfectly.

Now your book Interior design layouts are done. There’s one thing you must do. Make sure you see the pdf ready print file and approve it before it goes to press. The person doing the layout can a mistake. The mistake does happen in the process of formatting and converting word documents to pdf print-ready. Sometimes the pdf is again move to coral draw as the case will be. The most important thing is the pdf file. See it, cross-check and approve it. The excellent news is Harmony Publishing takes care of all these processes for you. We provide you with every update in your book publishing to make sure it is smooth.

Now, let’s take about the quality of the paper. There are two critical papers used in book printing in Nigeria: cream bond and white bond paper. Which is better? They are all excellent papers. What matters is the audience and budget. A white paper is mostly used for school textbooks. Authors who are low on budget can use white bond paper. The disadvantages of white bond paper are that it doesn’t last long, it is easy to tie, and it gets damaged quickly when in touch with water.
On the other hand, cream bond paper is quite opposite of white bond. It is a little bit expensive than the white relationship; it lasts longer. It is an international standard for book printing. It makes your book more prestigious and costly. You can charge more and make money when you use this paper.

Another thing to consider is your book size. It depends on what you are publishing, but I can tell you that many books have a standard size: A5. Check every book in your bookshelf, and you will see they are A5. It can be small or big A5. The other standard size is A4. This is your textbook size. You can use this size if you are publishing a textbook for university or secondary school. See this post if you want to learn about book printing cost.

How to package your book

Done. Congratulations! You are now a published author. The next thing is getting delivered to you. Make sure your book is well packaged in a carton. How about putting the book in nylon? I don’t like it. It makes the book look cheap. Some author does it to protect the paper from dust. I heard some seal their books so preoperative readers can’t open the book unless they buy. Please don’t it as you are defeating the purpose of a book publishing. You are in the business of knowledge sharing. If you someone reads your book and decide not to buy it. You are not losing “anything ” per se. There’s a high chance that you have impacted the reader within that few seconds of gleaning through your book and afterward might check you out on social media, end up attending one of your paid seminars or webinar.

Thank you for reading our today’s post. Let’s know if you have any questions.

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Harmony Publishing plays a pivotal role in publishing in Nigeria, is a provider of self-publishing services aimed at helping authors realise their dreams while minimising the encumbrances associated with getting published. Getting published has never been more convenient and better professionally handled than you get at Harmony Publishing, as we offer high-quality writing, editorial and production services at affordable rates. Our publishing services cover professional editing, illustrations, graphic designs and generation, as well as and print production. Each service is delivered to give you more value for your money.

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