How to Begin Promoting Your Book Today: A Guide

Harmony Publishing has a decade-long history, a significant span in the digital and self-publishing realms. Over these years, we’ve learned a crucial lesson: authors must actively market and promote their books. While having your book listed on Amazon is essential for distribution, true marketing requires your efforts. You can delegate tasks, but the onus of responsibility remains yours.

How to Begin Promoting Your Book Today: A Guide


Thankfully, after a decade of emphasizing this, most self-published authors understand this critical aspect. They recognize that marketing and sales are integral components of being a self-published author.

However, the abundance of information on book marketing can be overwhelming. To simplify your approach, let’s focus on key areas to effectively market and promote your book.

When to Commence Marketing

A survey conducted among our self-publishing community revealed valuable insights from successful authors who made substantial income from their books. An overwhelming 83 percent of these high-earning authors emphasized the need to start marketing well before completing the book for significant success.

Early Marketing Strategies

While completing your manuscript remains a priority, there are tasks that demand minimal time but yield substantial returns in marketing:


Engage in early marketing through networking. Consider writer’s organizations or associations such as the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) for valuable connections and resources. Target authors, influencers, and potential readers within your genre or subject area.

Building an Email List

Initiate the groundwork for an email list, a potent networking and marketing tool, well in advance of your book launch.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding SEO basics can significantly impact your book’s visibility. Begin by identifying keywords relevant to your book’s themes and utilize them to enhance discoverability.


Maintain a blog to optimize SEO by consistently sharing relevant content. It’s a platform to engage readers, showcase your expertise, and increase visibility.

Social Media Engagement

Choose suitable social media platforms to promote your book effectively. Engage with your potential audience, form connections, and lead a tribe interested in your book’s themes or genre.

Leading a Tribe

Create a community by engaging with potential readers before your book’s completion. It’s about forming meaningful connections, not just accumulating a massive following.

Contributing Meaningfully

Share excerpts or insights from your book thoughtfully. Participate in conversations and contribute without making it solely about promoting your book.

Initiate Your Marketing Efforts

Market your book early and consistently. Network, understand SEO basics, identify effective social media platforms, and start building your online presence to prepare for a successful book launch.

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