Top 10 Best Self-publishing companies of 2020

Best Self-Publishing Companies [UPDATE]: Publishing Companies Guide

Hello and welcome to today’s exciting post which focuses on the best self-publishing companies of 2020.  Self-publishing is an exciting and nerve-wracking process that you would enjoy, especially when you hire the best self-publishing companies. After your books have been edited, designed and you have decided a suitable market plan, then you need to publish and distribute your books. (You could also pay the self-publishing company to do that for you, e.g. Harmony Publishing).

The number of self-publishing companies to choose from is very wide, hence, it might be very overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the best self-publishing company, you will need to decide the best company suitable for meeting your needs. You should note that there are many of these companies advertising their services to self-publishing authors. Hence, it can be tough to look around and chose a suitable option.

Now, that where you begin implementing the tips in this article. Here, we’ll help you with the Top 10 Best Self-publishing companies of 2020 in the self-publishing industry. We will give you tips on which one to choose and how to choose them. So! Get ready to enter into the world of self-publishing companies!

What could be your options when choosing the best publishing companies of 2020?

First things first, self-publishing companies aren’t publishers except for companies like Harmony Publishing which allows you to have copies of your books when requested. On the contrary, they are responsible for getting your book from a word file and into a readable format. This feature allows people all over the world to read and appreciate your book and knowledge.

Yes! It might seem more complex that explained, but there are several companies which will help in easing the process. Most of them fall into the following categories.

Book Retailers

Some of these retailers include Amazon and Barnes & Noble Press. These companies are online bookstores where your books will get discovered, read, reviewed, and sold. Each big book retailing companies will provide a branded eBook publishing platform for you to individually upload your book.


Aggregators like Smashwords and Draft2Digital will help you distribute all your books to retailers all at once. Using the services of these companies will save time and money.

Print-on-demand distributors

POD distributors offer the above services and print-on-demand distribution of your books as part of their subscription packages. When you publish with companies like Verbatim Communications Limited and Harmony Publishing Company, you get these features and even more.

However, you should note that you can’t possibly do all these things yourself, hence, self-publishing companies make it easier for you. When you self-publish, you are your own boss and you retain all creative control over your books, and you get to make all of the business decisions.

During the process, you get to keep a large percentage of your profit. (Most book retailers and aggregators won’t charge you until a copy of your book actually sells, and then they’ll take a cut of the royalties). However, the best decision for your book will depend on your situation and the self-publishing company you chose. 

Some things you should note before self-publishing

  • Define your commitment, success rate, and how you intend on achieving it.
  • It is a free author’s empowerment tool.
  • Editing is crucial.
  • Choosing the right self-publishing company is crucial.
  • Marketing is important.
  • Finally, you are your own boss.

Here are some points you should note before self-publishing. They will help you understand how self-publishing works.

What are the best self-publishing companies of 2020?

This segment of the post will help you with the different self-publishing companies of 2020, in Nigeria and the rest of the world. First, we will start with the most popular book retailers in Nigeria, and other parts of the world. These book retailers are mostly online stores that will help you advertise and sell your book to the public.

Book retailers will also help you get reviews from readers of your books. As mentioned earlier, each book retailer offers its own eBook publishing platform for authors to upload their books. However, where they differ is in the amount that they take of your royalties and their exclusivity programs.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon KDP is a popular book retailer that doesn’t charge you to upload on their platform. They are the first and most prominent book retailers known worldwide. Authors who self-publish will pick Amazon KDP before moving to any other book retailing platform online. This reason is because Amazon KDP is the world’s biggest and best seller of eBooks.

Also, about 74% of all eBooks bought in the U.S. in 2015 were bought from Amazon.com. In Nigeria, most of our innovations are based on American policies and inventions. Youths, and avid readers no longer read hardcover books as much as they used to. They prefer reading with ease, hence, they opt for eBooks.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s self-publishing platform (not to be confused with “Amazon Publishing”, which is their division that operates like a traditional publisher). KDP recently grew even bigger after it merged with CreateSpace. Any and all authors can self-publish their books using KDP, though you’ll need to do it manually yourself. Here are some features that you will enjoy from publishing with Amazon KDP:

Access to Kindle Deals and free book promotions

Discounting and making your book free-for-access is made easy with the Kindle store. This features can only be allowed for ninety (90) days.

Enrolment in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s Subscription service designed for readers. This service allows members to read all that they want to read, the platform is very popular. The reason being that most of Amazon’s customers only read titles from KU in these periods.

After researching the perks and functionalities of self-publishing, and decide to publish with KDP select, then you no longer need this post. Since you’ve essentially agreed not to hire any other self-publishing company. However, you can familiarize yourself with the KDP Select program with these resources provided by Reedsy:

The Complete Guide to eBook Distribution

KDP Select vs. “Going Wide” — Which Option is Right For You?

How to Self-Publish with Amazon

Okada Books

OkadaBooks prides itself as Africa’s leading digital content provider of local and original books. The company recently celebrated a memorial of over 300, 000 registered members. Okada Books is a DIY (do it yourself) platform that allows authors to upload their book files, usually in epub formats and their covers with other details to get published on their easy-to-use platform. It is free to publish your books on OkadaBooks.

Barnes & Noble Press

Self-Publishing for eBooks & Print Books | B&N Press

Barnes & Noble Press, previously known as NOOK Press, is another popular self-publishing bookstore. This company has infamously struggled in competing with Amazon for market shares. However, compared to other self-publishing book retailing platforms, you can easily publish your book on B & N press.  Also, it is free to upload your book on this platform and exclusivity isn’t required.

However, it is also important to note that you can post your book as free-to-all on this platform. The platform seems to compete with other leading bookstores like Amazon KDP due to their constant innovative thinking and new features for self-published authors. Here is another reason why Barnes & Noble press made it on our list of best self-publishing companies of 2020.

Early this year, by January, Barnes & Noble Press introduce the opening of an ad portal. This ad portal makes it easy for new authors to design marketing campaigns on the Barnes & Noble website for their books. You can visit this page for more information on B & N self-publishing.

Next on our list, we’ll be speaking of aggregators. When you’re experiencing difficulties in uploading your book onto all of these different book retailers by yourself, then you need aggregators. These aggregators can aggregate all these book retailing and self-publishing markets. They push your books to each retailer and centralize them into one sales report.

With a single upload to aggregators like Harmony Publishing & Draft2Digital, you can have your books for sale on Amazon, B&N Press, Apple Books, Kobo — and even more smaller retailers. You’d also be able to track sales across all these platforms through their interface. In exchange for this service, an aggregator will take an additional cut of your royalties.

In simpler words, this route is great for anyone who wants to quickly save on time and doesn’t mind paying extra.



If you want to use the services of an aggregator, then Draft2Digital is a widely recommended platform. Now you might be thinking: why is it widely recommended? Now that’s simple. Factors including its excellent customer support, smart design, and easy-to-use dashboard makes it interesting to use. Other factors includes its D2D packs which ensures your books are formatted.  Here are some benefits of using Draft2Digital.

  • Universal Book Links (UBL)

Universal Book Links or UBLs make it easy for books to be discovered. This function is activated by allowing authors to generate a link to each of their books. This link goes straight to the customer’s preferred book retailer.

  • Touts an “automated back matter” tool

D2D automatically adds your newly published eBook to the “Also by this author” section for your other books on every store.

Draft2Digital also distributes your books to all the major eBook stores, and adds other packages for empowering authors.


Is Bookbaby or Smashwords Best for Self-Publishers? — Alliance of  Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

Before Draft2Digital came into limelight, Smashwords was the undisputed king in the self-publishing industry. When you compare between Smashwords and Draft2Digital, you’d notice that they offer similar pricing structures and author royalties. However, where Smashwords falls short is when it comes to user experience and easy navigation.

With Smashwords, you need to perform the formatting operations yourself. Also, this platform doesn’t distribute books to Amazon. That said, outside Amazon, it’s got a slightly more extensive distribution network than Draft2Digital, so whether or not you want to sell your book on some of these more obscure retailers is up to you.

Here’s what Dave Chesson wrote about the differences between Smashwords and Draft2Digital.


StreetLib take 10% of the retail price per copy sold on all book retail platforms. It is an international distributor that gives you more options, especially if you intend on reaching international audience. StreetLib has its presence strong in Latin America and Europe, to the extent that its dashboard can be configured in English, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, and other languages. Another great pointer of its international strength, is that in January 2019, it even began offering its services for authors in Egypt.

The company publishes author’s books to Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, OverDrive, Indigo, Baker & Taylor

Finally, print-on-demand distributors are companies that perform these activities for all your self-publishing needs. They offer services ranging from book cover design, book distribution, or book printing. Their costs for eBook distribution can be on the steep side (you can check out their pricing models in the section below), but if you’re aiming to print, publish, and distribute a book, they can be incredibly useful.

Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd.

LPN Ltd., was established in 1969, and is Nigeria’s current leading children’s book publisher. You might have seen their imprint “Lantern Books” on several books. Well! Lantern Books is a household name in Nigeria, and the whole of West Africa. The company’s head office is located at Lantern House, No 1, Morrison Crescent, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria and it also has its West African office in Accra, Ghana.

Harmony Publishing Company.

Well! You should have already heard about Harmony Publishing Company, its services, concept, and testimonials. Harmony Publishing is an online and offline self-publishing company that prides itself in delivering quality services to all authors who look forward to being their own boss. This Publishing Company is a certified “print-on-demand distributor” in Nigeria.

In Harmony Publishing, it is believed that your creative genius can be further improved when you hire their services. Once you hire the services of Harmony Publishing Company, you get a book cover design, book distribution, or book printing. There are other services that you’ll enjoy when you hire their services, and they are listed in this page.

The company has been widely acknowledged for helping authors to produce and print quality books. Show you how to market your books to the world if you are considering self-publishing.

Evans Brothers Publishers.

Evans Publishing is a British publishing firm. In 1945, the company hired a consultant to visit Nigeria for research purposes. This consultant is known as Dr. L.C. Lacrombe. After the growth of education and the need for books, Evans Brothers Publishing started a new publishing unit in Ibadan by December 1966.

So far, the company has further thrived in the publishing industry. With the rise of self-publishing Evans publishers as made it easy for these published books to be sold and read.

Cassava Republic.

This company was established due to the problem of identifying African Authors who were published and read abroad. It was established to address these problems in 2006. This company provides Nigerian Pieces of literature for local and international education.

The headquarters of Cassava republic is situated in Abuja. The company has released books which have won awards and accolades. (These books are mostly literary fiction). Click here to know more about their services.

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Here are some questions you might need to ask yourself before choosing a publishing company in Nigeria.

How much does it cost to publish a book in Nigeria?

Depending on your budget, it should cost nothing less than ₦20,000 to traditionally publish a book. However, if you are in Lagos, it should be between ₦10,000 to ₦15,000 while outside Lagos is ₦15,000 to ₦25,000. In conclusion, what is the cost of publishing in Nigeria? We can say that you should budget ₦500,000 to ₦1 million for a premium quality book that meets up with the international standard.

How do you self-publish a book on Amazon from Nigeria?

Just sign in to Amazon, go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Self-Publish with Us” under “Make Money with Us.” Then, follow directions. I don’t know if being located in Nigeria would create any problems.

How do I publish my book in Nigeria?

Visit www.harmonypublishing.com.ng to learn the principles of publishing and the steps involved.

What are the best self-publishing companies of 2020 in Nigeria?

There are many “best self-publishing companies of 2020” in the Nigerian market. These companies include Lantern Books, and Harmony Publishing Company.

Can Harmony Publishing Company be considered a print-on-demand distributor or an aggregator?

A print-on-demand distributor has the features of both aggregators and book retailers. Hence, the company performs all the required services and more.

Is it good to Self-publish?

Yes of course! It is very advisable that you self-publish each and every of your book.

What can Self-publishing do for you?

Visit Harmony Publishing Company’s website to learn more.


Self-Publishing is a wide and interesting industry. Writers who self-publish their book tend to enjoy freedom associated with it. According to Wikipedia, Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. In summary, with self-publishing you are your own boss!

About Harmony Publishing

Harmony Publishing plays a very important role in publishing in Nigeria. The company provides self-publishing services aimed at helping authors realize their dreams while minimizing the encumbrances associated with publishing. Getting published has never been more convenient and much easier, Harmony publishing company handles publishing professionally, while offering high-quality quality content, editorial and production services at affordable rates.

Our publishing services cover professional editing services, illustrations, graphic designs, and content generation, as well as print production. Each service is delivered to give you more value for your money. We are known all over the world for providing top notch services at unbeatable prices. Won’t you like to publish your next book easily, and also with a popular company that has a name?

For more information, kindly call (929)359-4284, +2347032212481 or send us a mail. Visit our site to get started and click on get published to submit your manuscript and begin your publishing dream.


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