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Editing and Proofreading: What is the difference? | How to Spell

As a writer proofreading & editing is great. You encounter lots of errors on a daily basis, and these errors cause a lot of stress for authors. These issues arise from poor expression or grammatical construction, and sometimes could be a pain caused by a bee’s sting for writers.

A lot of writers have to go through the stress of rechecking their books for errors, and then proofreading it themselves. The problem with self-proofreading is the fact that most times the author doesn’t spot weakness in his manner or tone of deliver.

Most blind spots are covered because the writer feels his/her work is always a masterpiece, and therefore turns a blind eye on some aspects of the book. The after effect of such actions involve poor communication with readers, incomplete scenes or sentences, wrong delivery, and poor clarity.

Such can be avoided when the right tools are used by the writer. Such tools have been made accessible through the advancement of technology.

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When you finish your writing, and print it out as a manuscript, it is important that it goes for a thorough re-reading. The reading of the manuscript should be so thorough that the different people assigned, do so up to two (2) times each.

Doing so will aid in denoting places where your book lacks suspense, explanation, editing or other necessary things. Such is called Proofreading.

When your manuscripts have been proofread, most times significant errors are discovered. These errors could be grammatical or structural. The art of correcting these errors is called editing.

So! There you have it. In this article, authors will see the reason & importance of Proofreading and also editing of their manuscripts before publishing.

What is Proofreading?

An employer might have informed you in subsequent jobs, books, manuscripts and projects that there is a need for proofreading in your work, before submission. Although, you might have been in the dark concerning it, it is also possible for you to have asked the question: What is Proofreading.

Proofreading is the art of rechecking or reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing. It is done to ensure consistency, and accuracy in spelling, formatting, grammar, and punctuation.

Please note that proofreading is different from editing. They are two separate tasks, accompanied by two separate meaning, but have one common goal, which is to strike perfection.

Proofreading has different meanings to different people it applies to. In the publishing industry, proofreading means the final opportunity of revision for a manuscript before it can be printed, and published.

For the book to be effective in carrying out its task, a proof-reader needs to be involved. A qualified proof-reader compares the different versions of the books, including the printed copy, soft copy, and writer’s manuscript. Such is done to prevent errors during formatting or printing.

Proofreading should be the last step after editing of the book, and before printing, and publishing. When a writer choses a style guide for his/her book, proofreading it would ensure that the document follows the chosen style guide which has been specified.

Effective proofreading is important for the production of high-quality, and professional documents. When performed correctly, carefully, and thoroughly, it can produce a high level difference for your content in terms of communication. You could refer to us for help on proofreading your articles.

Let’s look at the importance of proofreading

Importance of Proofreading Your Book

Listed below are some of the importance of proofreading your books before printing, and publishing.

Grammar Checks

By proofreading your books, you ensure that it undergoes grammar checks. Grammar checks ensure great delivery, as well the right use of punctuations, figures of speech, and so on.

Makes your Content Fit for Publication

When you proofread your books or articles before publication, you ensure that they are fit for publication. Proofreading helps authors deliver the right tone for communication, writers get to deliver better, while readers get to understand, and thank the author better.

Proofreading plays a very vital role in book publishing, as it is needed to ensure proper delivery before publication.

Expresses How the Writer Thinks to the Reader

As was stated in the point made above, proofreading your articles ensure the proper usage of grammar, and also makes the document fit for publicity.

When you effectively proofread your book, you ensure that its contents are properly delivered, making the reader appreciate your efforts.

Benefits of Proofreading

  • Proper delivery of book content is ensured.
  • Errors pertaining to grammar, and the use of English are removed.
  • Document format is kept consistent.
  • Objectivity is provided
  • Spelling check
  • Proofreading provides you with peace of mind, pertaining to the quality of your books contents.
  • Your brand’s reputation is represented well with high quality proofread books.

Proofreading is very important for authors looking to make a success story out of their books. Content does matter, but its structure matter most. No one would want to read something that is improperly arranged.

What is editing?

Aside from proofreading. Editing on the other hand is much different from proofreading. It could takes place immediately the draft of an article has been completed. Editing doesn’t focus on grammar, spelling, and the likes. All an editor does is to check for free flow of words, proper documentation, and so on.

Editing can sometimes be a complex task. Whatever you write, it still needs editing to ensure its optimum quality. An experienced editor is one who has an eye for detail, and also understands the message the writer is trying to pass.

Remember when we mentioned that an editor’s work is not an easy task?! Yup! It isn’t. Just like sculptors, and other artists, an editor makes use of all major tools at his disposal in bringing out the best from such material.

In simpler terms, editing is the act of removing, refining, and adding to the given document, to bring out the best in it.

More on Editing

As I mentioned earlier, editing is not an easy task. Most times writers have to pay a separate editor to carry out the task, for better performance. You might be wondering why it takes a lot just to edit a book, and here is the reason.

Books are elements of change, and learning. Conveying the right information is crucial in helping other adapt to change, learn new things, or even enjoy your writing. An editor has to go through several rigorous steps which are involved in editing to ensure that the document comes out perfect.

An editor is not just paid to deliver, he/she is paid to think like the writer. The editing service is supposed to portray the writer’s mind.

Editing helps in communicating ideas, and points to readers in a shorter, and clearer manner.

Let’s look at some of the importance of effective editing.

Importance of Editing

Listed below are some of the importance of editing your book before printing and publishing

To Create Value on Your Work

Creating long lasting value is one of the importance of editing. After you have finished typing, and drafting the contents of your book, it needs editing. Consider the instance of a book already printed.

A book which is already printed cannot be edited, which implies that the reader will be open to direct a lot of criticism towards you work.

Getting your readers attracted to your writing is not an easy task. They need a bait –something compelling, attractive to draw them closer to your ideology.

For authors to come up with best-sellers, and other award winners which draw their users, they sometimes take years of study. At the end they still need the service of an editor, to ensure that their book portrays the right set of words, and also the perfect delivery for the audience.

Clearer Messages Directed at Readers

Another important reason to edit your book before printing, and publishing, is to ensure that your message is expressed clearly. A perfectly edited book indulges the reader, with its coherent, and concise features.

When we edit, we try not to make changes to the content of the book. In order words, our aim is to improve the flow, and the logic involved in writing. Experienced editors are known for being able to decode the writer’s thoughts.

Editing ensures that all ideas are expressed in a majorly coherent manner, making the message easy to deliver, and also understandable by the audience.

Polished Contents

As a writer, you understand that you cannot do everything! Such includes editing. Writers usually have issues identifying errors in their own writing, making it hard for them to edit the contents of their writing themselves.

When it comes to your own work, blind spots are turned on, and you might not see any possible errors in your writing. It therefore results in the production of contents with poor quality.

There is always a solution to every problem, and in this case, editing is the solution to writer’s problem. Proper editing of writing leads to a 100% mistake free content, making the writing neat, and powerful/

Editing is usually repeated, to avoid mistakes. The first is to ensure mistake free content; the second is to ensure there aren’t any typographical errors in the book.

First Impression is maintained

Like they say, “first impression matters most”, and the after effect of failing to edit before printing is not something you’d like to hear about. A poorly presented writing displays lack of confidence, and wouldn’t make a good impression on the reader.

To make a good content out of your writing, you have to go through editing. Since it is the only way through which your work is properly scrutinized, and your manuscript approved & accepted by publishers, and readers respectively.

Benefits of Editing

  1. Editing your book before publishing ensures that your writing matches the message you’re trying to convey to the audience.
  2. It helps to generate questions concerning your thought/reasoning.
  3. Editing your book before printing, and publishing helps to improve the efficiency of your writing.
  4. It presents an alternative perspective to authors,
  5. Editing provides you with your own point of view in another person’s words.

The Cost of Editing and Proofreading Your Book In Nigeria

Now you know that every written work should always be proofread, and also edited. Doing so will ensure a great outcome from your writing.

There are a large number of proofreading, and editing services online. The internet makes it suitable to find a platform offering this service, with ease. The amount charged by professional editors varies. It certainly depends on the type of document to be proofread, and the time frame.

For example, a 30,000 word count which could be around 100 page book can cost around N60,000 to N90,000. This tallies to about $200 and $300 respectively.

There is a possibility that the price could go up, if there are more structural or developmental editing, which needs to be done, ensuring your book is readable, and enjoyable.

Harmony publishing does consider, and charges a flat rate if your book is voluminous, and has a word count of over 100,000 plus.

Other platforms offering such services charge a minimum of $20 to $100 per hour for editing services. Such is considerably on the high side, and tends to discourage authors from paying attention to editing, and proofreading.

An advice from one great writer to another is to trust a platform which you are open, and experienced with.

An example of such platform is Harmonypublishing.com. Harmony publishing is a self-publishing company which takes pride in helping you publish that dream book. Our publishing packages are pocket-friendly, and come with marketing and advertising, so you don’t have to do much.

Contact us whenever you need help on editing and proofreading your manuscripts.

Send us an email with your book’s publishing project, and ask for the cost of editing and proofreading your book.

Final words

Editing and proofreading are publishing stages, a writer should not fail to perform. This task will help in improving the way you write, and how well you think, when writing.

With the increase in the number of books published on a yearly basis, the fees charged by editors have increase. Harmony publishing deals with self-publishing, and would love to help you publish, edit or even proofread your great book.

Just bring it along, and we’ll do it for you.

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