How an Author Platform Can Help You Sell More Books and Grow Your Audience

Curious about an author platform (and its importance)? This article addresses fundamental questions to initiate considerations on expanding your platform before book publication. So, your book is finally complete. What’s next? If you’re anything like me, your initial instinct might be to stash that manuscript away in a drawer, away from the eyes of potential […]

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Four Secrets to Becoming a Successful Self-Published Author

Self-publishing is indeed a journey—a path that commences with the desire to write a book and extends far beyond its publication. Navigating the realm of book publishing raises numerous questions. Should one seek traditional publishing or approach an agent? Or is self-publishing a more suitable path? And if choosing self-publishing, does it entail going solo? […]

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How to Set Up and Benefit from Your Book’s Pre-Order Campaign

Your book’s pre-sale phase is pivotal for its success, yet often one of the least understood aspects of its release. This post aims to illuminate its significance. Let’s get started! Timing Is Crucial One of the prime benefits of self-publishing versus traditional methods lies in scheduling. Independent authors can release two to three books in […]

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