BUILD AND MARKET YOUR BRAND: Short Series On Book Publishing And Marketing In Nigeria

Welcome to Harmony Publishing, here we are covering a series of blogs on book publishing and especially marketing in Nigeria.


Your book title might rock, but your author name is your most reliable brand. Grab a domain name that matched your name and built a website. It is not advisable to register your book title as a website because of your next book. Will you be opening and hosting a new website anything you write a new book? Other elements of your brand include colours, typography, images, graphics, logos and even tag lines. Get serious about marketing and study branding principles to create your recognisable look.

If you wait until the book launch to start building an author platform and marketing your book, your marketing will be less effective. The moment you decide to write a book, you should begin selling you, the author. The author is the brand. Like any brand, you want to increase your brand’s popularity, and you want to build a positive perception of your brand among potential readers (the people who will purchase your book) and partners (the people who can connect you with more readers). You market your brand by building a platform. What’s a platform, you ask? Your platform put is your ability to reach readers and partners. Consider platforming a measure of your fame, influence and reach. Multiple elements contribute to your platform. If you blog and thousands of people are reading you each month, your blog is part of your platform. If you participate in social network services such as Facebook or Twitter, these social networks are part of your platform. If you’re a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, that’s a platform.

If you maintain a mailing list of fans, that’s a platform. If you actively

Participate in writers groups, professional associations, or online message boards related to your subject; these are all part of your platform. If you’re fortunate enough to be the subject of press coverage – both mainstream media and blogs – that’s a platform too. Take care of how you build your online presence. Don’t spam your social media friends and followers with solicitations for your book. Remember that everything you do – including your marketing – becomes a direct reflection of your brand. Project a brand that sends the right message. Just as you wouldn’t put a shoddy cover on your masterpiece, don’t practice shoddy marketing.

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