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Do you have an agent? Which publisher are you working with? Should I introduce you to some good publishers? These are some of the questions you will likely face when you tell people about your upcoming book. In truth, using the help of publishing companies can help give your book the push you need. But this often reduces your overall income.

This is one reason why you should switch attention to publishing your book in-house or by yourself. You may wonder, is it possible to self-publish my book? The answer is yes! You can self-publish your books. This article will shed more light on self-publishing.

How to self-publish my books

Self-publishing involves publishing your book on platforms that do not require traditional publishing companies. Self-publishing improves your revenue and allows you to offer your book on different platforms. Below are ways to easily self-publish your book.

Understand your reason for publishing.

Why do you want to write a book? Is it to tell a story? To teach about a concept that many don’t know? Do you have skills you want others to understand? Are you a speaker or coach? These are some of the factors that will influence why you are writing and what the book discusses.

Without having an exact reason in mind for writing, you may not see reasons to complete the book. Experts often list reasons why they want to write. These guide them and keep them motivated even when writing becomes tough.

Work on your book

Upon identifying the primary reasons why you are writing, you should proceed to work on your book. Start by giving your book a title. That will guide you as you proceed to work. Writing is not just about opening your system and putting thoughts into words. If that is how you see writing, you will be surprised at how blank you can become when you’re past the preliminary stages.

To counter such a situation of blacking out, you need to develop a unique writing process. It is also essential to pay careful attention to your write-up; a poorly written book will be hard to self-publish. Here are some ways to write your book with more efficiency.

Start by creating an outline for your book. This outline will guide you through the entire writing process. With an outline, organizing your message and keeping your book detailed will be possible.

Take the task seriously; many have preferred setting apart some hours or minutes each day for brainstorming and writing. You can tell friends to monitor you as you keep writing. As long as you improve your writing habit, you will be through with writing within the shortest period.

Before producing, edit your book

When you are through with writing, the next step is not producing. Great books are subjected to severe and intense scrutiny. You need to spend more time editing the book to ensure the contents are presented in the best way. To get the best result, you should spend more time editing than writing.

You can start by sending copies to editors or friends to help you identify errors and other issues that can impact your book’s quality. The reality is, when editing your book, you will come to identify some flaws yourself. With the help of an expert, you can quickly get rid of all types of writing errors.

Editors can also help you tighten your story up, leading to better delivery of ideas. There are numerous online tools you can also try to edit your book. Hemmingway Editor and Grammarly are one of the most effective options. But they are not sufficient if you want your book to impact more lives positively.

Get experts to help polish things up, and you will be left with a unique error-free manuscript ready for publishing.

Choose a unique book cover

We live in a world where we have to dress the way we want to be addressed. With an excellent book cover, self-publishing your book becomes easier.

If needed, you can pay professionals to help you develop a unique cover for your book. While it should be simple, it should carry some level of maturity in the design. The design you are selecting should be easy to read even when far off. Let your book cover look professional, and it will improve the sales of your book.

Select a publishing platform

There are several platforms you can use for publishing your books. One of the best options is to publish your book on Amazon. Amazon has a platform called Kindle Direct Publishing, where you can publish your books.

Open www.kdp.amazon.com to create an account and start setting up the account to upload your book for publishing. You can read more on how to set up the KDP account online. Upon creating, upload your book and start earning money on sales. 

To ensure that online platforms will allow you to publish your book, it is best to format the book to meet the organization’s requirements. If you have the fund, you can use the help of experts for formatting your book. There is a required and unique format for each type of book; using this format makes your book ready for publishing.

There are other online book publishers in Nigeria and beyond that allow you to publish your books with ease. You can try:

  • Smashwords
  • Apple iBooks Author
  • Draft2Digital
  • Lulu
  • Kobo Writing Life
  • Barness and Noble Press

They all allow you to publish your book for free, and you get to earn more money upon publishing.

Do you have a blog or website? This is another excellent way to publish your book. Many have also benefited from offering their books to readers on social media; this helps you easily meet your target audience.

Decide on the price

Since you wrote the book, and you know the quality it carries, you will need to decide the price. You may find help online by checking the prices of similar books. This can help you select the best price. If this is your first book, your goals should be how to build a name for yourself. Your book should not be expensive. Offer it at a pocket-friendly price, and let as many as possible lay hands on your book.


Self-publishing your book is easier. This article has shed more light on the requirements. As long as you follow the steps through, your books will soon be on happy readers’ hands.

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