Online writing is the best way to learn writing at a comfortable, yet fast past, build your career and find people who could create business gateways for you.

A person who does online writing, is one who is volatile, he/she reshapes themselves to any temperature, rhythm, genre or niche and gets the reader lost in his/her write-up.

Both day and night, your write-ups or should I say content is being found by your different potential audience.

Your online writing content also provides research write-ups for other content writers/developers.

You might be asking yourself, how do I make good use of my skills? And how do I produce quality and acceptable content to my audience? Well, the answer is simple, since you’re currently reading this article that certainly means you already have the tools.

You have a goof Laptop, an excellent internet connection, you know how to read and write. These are the necessary beginning skills to assure you of a bright future as an online writer.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a step by step guide on how to become popular and well versed with write online.

So we’ll basically be talking about a few things that should draw your attention before we move into the main clique of the content.

First off, I’d like to point out the fact that the internet has grown to a vast and open global market.

What I mean by the words open, vast and global is that the internet is free for all to use, it connects people with friends, clients and resources in other parts of the world and also, the fact that the internet improves in its services daily.

The internet permits individuals to use it as leverage to meet up with potential needs, customers and solve daily problems.

As a writer, the internet is your edge, your secret weapon and finally your ally. When writers publish visible content online, audience from all over the world have access to it immediately.

Investing in the internet through your write-ups, articles and content is one sure way of growing yourself, your career and other people’s minds. It sure is a worthy investment!


 Now that you’re aware of the power of the internet, you can now create a home address for people to locate you and your content online.

You could try blogging at first as this is a very good means of writers getting writing knowledge.

Blogging is easier and also harder that most people think; easier in the sense that if you play your cards right and don’t overdo it, you’d enjoy it and also hard in the sense that writing contents for a blog daily is hard work and causes a mental strain on writers, and this is where freelance writers come in.

A blog page is your means of solidifying your footwork in the writing industry.

As a blogger, you have a reputation of providing accurate news, tips or whatever niche you write on for your online viewers.

When you decide to start blogging, you should consider getting a domain name to make your blog site a corporate website. Your website should basically be easy to locate and also easy to navigate.

 You might consider having a start here button on your website to allow visitors know where to start their reading experience from.

The ‘start here page’ is your guide to many confused individuals, and seeing that you care and really appreciate their visitation will build their trust in you and make them feel welcome and valued.

You should basically start with how-to contents & articles before moving into other realms of writing.

So basically, you now have committed reading audience and they are willing to read, listen and even suggest article topics for you to expatiate on for them.

Here’s the next step is to increase the number of viewers or audience your website receives.

You can do that with the following steps:

  1. Get Back Links.
  2. Make your articles SEO optimized.
  3. Write what people read
  4. Get advise from a good publisher e.g. Harmony Publishings


You should also be able to acquire standard links that serve as your resource for article generation.

While writing, get the opinion of people on the subject matter, also proofread your job multiple times, and share it to other people for them to view and engage in reading it; if they enjoy it, they’ll also help in sharing it if not well; let’s not go there.

Most of these people you are sharing your work with should be well read and popular writers, researchers and bloggers.

Make sure you know these people and that they are willing and able to help, also make sure they have valid experience and are high achievers; as this will help you boost your content value and write cool articles.

Your articles should be something that is relatable to in life and educational. Educational content has proven to be what most surfers want to read, i.e. they want to be educated.

After learning what your audience want, you might want to shift your vision a little to the social media section.

You might have to register various twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook accounts to create awareness, but do not put too much thought into this, as this might cause you to lose focus on your real purpose for creating the internet platform.

I’d suggest you focus on a specific platform while building audience. Once you’ve gotten a large amount of viewers, offload/redirect them to your official webpage through a link.

You should also think of making your content SEO optimizable as this will allow your website to be easily located. The easier your blog is to find, the more reading audience you can attract.

An option to expanding your career and audience is the use of emails. Emails increases the limit of users you could get in contact with and also gives you the opportunity to update them on new reads and upcoming events.

A good writer can use this as a means of promoting his/her work and receive direct results from audience on the platform. To do this, you should consider using an email newsletter form which would appear when new visitors visit your website.

When doing so, allow it to be accessible and easy to use, do it in a not so flashy way; especially the ones that create this popups to cover the whole webpage content (Don’t do that, as it distracts the reader from enjoying the article and your service is then considered as annoying).

By doing the above, you are slowly, but surely and steadily gaining recognition on the internet. Make sure you do everything to make your profile accessible when searched especially on Google.

 Like I said earlier, SEO is key in internet writing affairs, to make your page rank well on Google, you’d need it.

When a website is first released to the internet, it is considered as not relevant or invisible to most search engines. To do so, you might want to get an online writer who is also an SEO expert or partner with an SEO company for these services.

Remember, building an online audience for your website is slow, it could take time, but it provides you with the necessary trust, credibility and authority you need to build a career as an online writer.

While most writers aim to impact their ideas on audience others just write for the fun of it. Writing Is the basic means of communication among different levels, it serves as the pillar of most successful careers, allows logical reasoning and thinking.

Online writing is your key to making the world hear your formally fairly inaudible voice, since storing and displaying text data online is relatively inexpensive.

Write about whatever you think you can, write on different topics, articles, niches and genres, start with one and if you cannot finish it, start another before going back to the former.

Now basically, you might want to show off to your audience, but I’d advice focus on quantity before quality, as this would give you peoples opinion on what they want to read, or what they feel you should be writing.

“Consistency develops ability”

Be consistent in creating good content but do not bother too much about the quality, till you start getting insights from people on what to create.

When you’re publishing, do not expect all your articles to be best reads, some will outsell the others, a particular article could be your blue jacket which brings in a large population of viewers or audience.

Let’s talk about something a friend calls ‘THE FIVE PILLARS OF WRITING.’

The five pillars of writing are responsible for the production of the best online content ever known to man, and they are: 


In the actual test, he used the phrase ‘write evergreen content’ these evergreen content refer to relevant articles, the ones that people would  like to come to your blog for i.e. content that generates online traffic in your website for a long time. When you write evergreen content, you’ll gain and attract loyal and excellent audience/readers who trust your content.

When in search of these evergreen articles, that attract people, there are somethings you should bear in mind, these are firstly where you get your Ideas from and secondly, how you go about researching, proofreading and editing the articles.


To guarantee your future as a writer, you have to relearn schooling stuff i.e. let go off some pillars of school education, let go of some English terminologies.

In online writing, communication is key, and your audience is possibly looking up to you to provide understandable and readable content for his/her pleasure.

You writing in terminologies just makes it confusing and boring to read. I’d advise you learn copy-writing and rewriting for maximum effect.

A copywriter is a word guru, who writes with knowledge, yet his articles are simple, concise, strategic, filled with energy and clarity.

The best way to engage in this is to write short, understandable and creative sentences, to carry your point to your reader.


Do not try to please everyone with your content, make your points concise and clear. As a writer, when you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to or attracting no one.

An easy way to get out of this, is to focus on a content that people commend you for, it might be DIY contents, school contents or any other just do what is exciting and interesting.


It’s not just about getting feedback, listen to them and understand what your audience want.

The easiest and fastest method of improving the quality of your online content is to increase the frequency of feedbacks you get, getting more feedback will amount to you getting various opinions on the subject matter from a large scale of audience.

Discuss article ideas with your intelligent friends, I’d advise you get your necessary feedback from your local audience before publishing any of your articles; virtually, I’d say you should get feedback for everything you do: Ideas, write-ups, distributions and so on.


Most online writers don’t write because they feel there is limited time and ideas. But, turns out that, time isn’t the obstacle but actually your ally.

You’ve already started processing a significant mass of ideas through your daily experience: with the social media updates you post, the books and articles you read, the emails you send, the conversations you have, and the conferences you attend.

By consuming, digesting, and sharing these ideas with peers and colleagues, you’re already building expertise.

Building an audience involves you thinking up refined and significant but real ideas. You could check out a forum or go for a training to learn more about how your writing affects your audience and simply sign up for feedback.

If you are looking for a means if making a mark on the internet or getting connections online, writing is the best means for you to do so. Writing provides you with the necessary popularity and exposure you need to enhance yourself.

When you write online, you’ll lose the ‘outbound’ perspective of how people think and gain an ‘inbound’ one. Once you get a flock of like-minded individuals you will attract opportunities instead of always being on the look-out for them.

Networking is kind of really overrated. The Internet makes the bar-and-conference method of networking look weak and boring.

Writing on the Internet is a very effective way to meet like-minded peers and individuals.

Skip the networking events and devote that time to writing instead, and making relatable content.

In short, you can build an online writing career in these three major steps:

  • Pick a high value, emerging industry.
  • Learn as much as you can.
  • Share what you learn on your personal website.

Learn not to be much of a trend chaser, pick what people read but make your own style, write in a way others won’t.

Build experience from people around you and learn from your mistakes, share your contents and create a reputation for yourself. Let your skill in writing advertise you to your potential clients and trust me you will enjoy it.

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