How to Publish A Book On Amazon in Nigeria

How to Publish A Book On Amazon in Nigeria

There are numerous writers in Nigeria, but there are only a few authors. Crossing the line of becoming an author is one that should be celebrated. This shows that you are progressing in your field, and a wider audience can lay their hands on your work.

Amazon is one of the few platforms that allow writers in Nigeria to publish their books. Do you have books that you haven’t published because you lack sufficient funds? Amazon makes publishing your digital book easier.

Publishing eBooks is not as expensive as publishing hard copies. By following a few essential steps, you can get your book from your system to the Amazon global market, and start to make money on your book within a short period. 

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How to Publish A Book On Amazon in Nigeria Step by Step

Self-publishing your book on amazon helps you earn more money and makes it easier for you to reach your target audience. Here are essential steps to follow;

How to Publish A Book On Amazon in Nigeria – Work on your material

You need to start gathering materials for your book. What are you planning to write? How well do people read such materials? What work has been previously done on such topics?

After finding answers to those questions, you can then identify keywords to use in your book. How to go about the design, what title will be suitable for the book, and how long it should be. You cannot write without finding answers to these questions.

Start writing your book.

Having gathered the idea and material for the book, next is writing the book. To ensure that Amazon will accept your book, work with the acceptable MS Word Format. Carefully edit and proofread your work after writing to ensure it is free of grammatical, punctuation, and structural errors.

Transform this manuscript to PDF format to make it ready for uploading on Amazon. You can use formatting tools like Kindle create for this purpose.

Open an Amazon account.

This is where the main work starts. Open www.kdp.amazon.com and create a publishing account there. Fill in the required details to be able to proceed. You must ensure that this book is well-formatted to meet digital standards for digital print. Formatting should follow the exact guidelines provided by Amazon. 

Select a publishing plan

You are to select one of the publishing plans on Amazon. You can pick either the Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select) or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). With KDP Select, you can publish your book on Amazon only, for a specified period, you can’t and must not publish it on any other platform. With KDP, you can publish your book on Amazon, your website, or other platforms.

Depending on your plans, you may want to increase your revenue by publishing on multiple platforms. If so, KDP is the best option. If you are going for the KDP select, you stand to benefit from using Amazon’s free promotional services and other unique services. Still, it will be on Amazon alone for a specified period.

With KDP Select, you can promote your books on other platforms like social media or your website, but sales will be exclusive to Amazon. After 90 days, if the sale is not as massive as you want, you can opt-out of the program and publish on other platforms.

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Adding your book on KDP

To add your book on KDP, open your dashboard. Fill the required information about your book. This makes your book ready for uploading. Next, click on kindle eBook, and fill in the details on your book.

Necessary details include the title and book description. Using the right keyword in your book description is essential, it will influence how visible it will be on the Amazon search engine. It is best to invest in quality keyword research before writing the book and the description.

Also, ensure that you list your book under the right category. This will make targeting the right audience possible. Your book’s listing is significant, ensure you carefully do this and let readers find your book with ease. If you are confused about the category your book falls in, you can seek experts’ help in listing your book on amazon.

Design your book cover

Upon listing your book in the right section, you will be required to upload a cover for the book. You have the option of picking a template on the KDP platform. These templates will make creating a unique and beautiful cover possible. 

You can also use online tools like the canvas for designing a cover for your book. When creating the cover, it is important to remember that it will influence readers’ opinions. As such, make it as detailed and as moderately beautiful as possible. If working on it yourself is hard, you can try using professional help.

There are requirements for designing the cover. The ratio of the height to width is 1:6. Carefully follow these specifications to avoid the system from rejecting your cover. 

How to Publish A Book On Amazon in Nigeria – Upload the book

Having carefully delivered the book details, list it under the right category, selected the preferred plan, and uploaded your cover. The next step is to upload the book itself.

For uploading, you should use PDF format. Other formats supported include HTML, MS Word Doc, and MOBI.

As stated earlier, you can use Kindle create for formatting the book before uploading it on Amazon. As long as it meets the Amazon standard, you have no issues. To upload, select “Browse,” then open the folder containing the formatted eBook and click on open.

Ensure you carefully inspect the book before uploading to make sure the book is ready. Next, decide how much you want to sell the book. If you have done your research before writing, you should have an estimate of how much the book will cost. Several factors will influence the price, but ensure you carefully consider these factors. 


Within 72 hours of uploading your book on Amazon, it will be listed. You can then share the link to your target audience and watch your book break records for amazon sales. It’s relatively easy publishing your book on Amazon. As long as you follow the steps provided in this article, you will soon become an author.

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