How to get Famous as an Author in Nigeria.

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Authors are popular individuals in Nigeria, and other parts of the world, who spread joy through their talents. There are many authors all over the world and they have individually excelled in the various genres they enjoy. Many times, numerous authors find it hard to get the necessary attention and popularity they need on their work due to the various conditions surrounding them. 

In Nigeria, there are several factors affecting authors and their publications. Some of these factors, along with other questions that might come to thought will be answered in this blogpost. To aid your writing journey, we have summarised the entire process into seven (7) key and easy steps that you should follow. 

Stick around, and you are sure about gaining popularity as an Author in Nigeria, and other important factors in gaining prominence as an author all over the world. So! Let’s get this authoring party started!

Who are Authors?

If you were asked this question in an interview on live TV or by someone new to the word, what would be your answer? Well! The truth is that there are several definitions used in describing the beautiful work carried out by these individuals. Hence, we can only offer a few definitions to satisfy your craving for written knowledge.

Let’s discus the different definitions that have been given to the author title worldwide. Stick around!

  1. An author is basically a person who writes!
  2. According to Michael Foucault, an author is not a person at all! Rather the title “Author,” is a “function” of “figure” which emerged. 
  3. An author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play, and is also considered a writer. More broadly defined, an author is “the person who originated or gave existence to anything” and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.
  4. An author is a talented individual, whose philosophy and knowledge is displayed in his/her books, poems, or even memoirs. 

Other Definitions:

  1. An author is a person who is the source of some form of intellectual or creative work; especially, one who composes a book, article, poem, play, or other literary work.
  2. However, the most complex and infuriating theory of what or who an Author is, has to be this one. “An author is a person who writes books or articles, usually for money. It can also refer to the person responsible for something, like the author of a plan to overthrow the student government. Author comes from the Latin word auctorem, meaning “founder, master, and leader.”

There you have it. If you write, and can in anyway relate to either of these related definitions, then you are an author! With that, let us speak on the main reason for this article, and what many people experience when joining the writing industry, i.e., “How to Excel as an Author in Nigeria”. However, before that, let’s speak on some problems authors face in Nigeria and how they can combat them.

Problems Authors in Nigeria are faced with, and their Solutions

So! Authors in Nigeria, and the rest of the world face some similar problems. These problems could cause the author to experience reduced productivity. It could also trigger other negative factors which would hinder their progress as published authors. In this blogpost, we have listed seven problems that are common to authors worldwide and in Nigeria.

Poor Productivity

Many authors face low productivity and might not be able to produce quality books during these periods. Lack of productivity can be a huge problem on its own. Especially if you live in an environment filled with children, or a busy and unproductive environment. If you think you can’t handle these problems alone, here is an article written to address that issue. 

When your mind is divided between your work and family, and the internet. It might also be caused by any other distracting force, you won’t be productive. A solution to such problem is to take a vacation alongside other authors or by yourself. Doing so will help you get into that creative shape you seek.

Not being Taken Seriously

Many authors are not taken seriously in the publishing industry. Not only do their readers not take them seriously, but also their publishers. Sometimes, is not considered a serious career by most people. Leave alone your friends, random strangers might come across as condescending to hear about your full-time or part-time work. It can be frustrating and seriously disheartening. 

However, a solution to this problem is to let the rudeness roll off your back. Maybe you could point out they are being rude, or alternatively disparage their profession. That should shut them up. In simpler words, do not give in to their pressure. You know where you’re headed, and what it might take to get there. 

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is very common to several authors and writers alike. It is what you feel when you find it difficult to write. You just don’t know what to write, you’re not in the mood, and you don’t know when you will be in the mood. Writer’s block can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t deal with it quickly. 

To avoid writer’s block, here are some easy and quick solutions. The first and advisable solution is to take some rest. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, and that you’re not over-stressing yourself. Stress can be a major factor leading to lack of productivity, and finally writer’s block. 

Also, ensure you keep reading. Information is very important in writing, and without reading, you can’t get information. While reading, you get new ideas on what to write and how to go about it. So! Another great advice is to keep reading.  You should also exercise your body regularly. Regular exercise ensures your great health and puts you in the right frame of mind. 

Finally, when you are experiencing writer’s block, don’t write. You might be experiencing writer’s block because you have been writing for so long that it’s killing you. Try not to write for a whole day. Go out there, enjoy the world, see friends and have a lot of fun. You will be amazed at how refreshed and productive you can be at the end of the day.

Lack of Confidence

Having lack of confidence is the most dangerous problem that can plague a writer. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how much experience you’ve got; you won’t go so far unless you are confident of what you have to offer.

Being confident isn’t about just knowing that you know your stuff, it is also about being ready to demand what you’re worth. When you’re confident about your skills and what you’re worth you won’t allow yourself to get paid just anything. You will happily demand what you’re worth because you know your service will produce results.

Fear is one major factor that brings about lack of confidence in budding writers. A lot of writers are afraid and bombarded with “what ifs”, including what if there are no other ways to pay my bills? What if this book doesn’t result in sales? Will anyone buy if I request? What if my service doesn’t deliver the expected results?

All these questions all point to the low-confidence factor affecting authors. They can be really confusing, and if you’re not careful you will make a lot of wrong choices. In a situation like this, I tell myself that there will always be a better opportunity, and there has always been. One thing I’ve gradually come to realize is that the more you cling to those unprofitable offers the farther away you’re from getting people who will pay you well.

Confidence is internal, it has nothing to do with skills, age,  or reputation.

Most people are yet to apply for a writing gig with that big company. Most people are yet to pitch a guest post to that big blogger and most people are yet to negotiate an increase in income with their clients. Is it because they don’t have what it takes? No, it is because they’re not confident about having what it takes. It is because they don’t believe that they have what it takes.

Believe me; sometimes, what it takes to move from failure to success is confidence; confidence to take a particular action, confidence to take a particular risk and confidence to believe in you.

So you know how powerful confidence can be, it helped me increase the amount I’m paid per article by a particular client from around $50/$70 – up to $200. Of course, I had to increase the value I provide to that client but this won’t have been possible without confidence, and I’d probably be offering the same value for less than half the price if I wasn’t confident about what I have to offer. This article by Carol Tice helped me boost my self-confidence, so check it out!


Competition plays a large role in a writer/author’s career. Some authors use competition as leverage and confidence boosters when writing their potential bestseller. However, competition is rife these days, especially with a medium like the internet available to give everybody equal footing. There are individuals who offer books almost as similar in quality as your book, but at a cheaper price. 

Too much competition in a space is an opportunity to earn more. It is a chance to think out of the box and pioneer a creative way to earn money. You don’t necessarily have to pioneer anything, but those who are ready to think outside the box and embrace competition will be paid well.

Stop being afraid of the competition; embrace it! More competition is an opportunity to offer more value and increase your worth, so whenever you see a field becoming too competitive don’t wait until you’re being paid peanuts for your work. Increase the value you have to offer and increase your rates with it. There’s a probability that very few people will be able to do the same, and that’s where the income lies for you.

Lack of Support

Most times, writers/authors do not have the necessary equipment to finance their books. This factor can be disheartening, and could cause a delay, in the production of his/her masterpiece. Many writers face lack of understanding and support from their partners or spouses. Your partner might assign you household chores just when you want to write or insist that you earn more money.

However, to avoid getting into a big argument with your partner, you can open up to him/her. Also, allow your partner to speak with you. Performing the above instruction assures you to work seamlessly and become more productive, while meeting your partner’s needs.

Multiple Rejections

Rejection is a common feat in the traditional publishing industry. Many authors take their time to write compelling pieces of work for sharing with the world. However, their publishers tend to reject their manuscripts almost instantly causing depression, frustration, or sadness. But there is a way out! And self-publishing is the answer. 

There are other problems that affect Nigerian authors. These problems include negative feedback from readers, getting constantly interrupted, money, overwriting, and lacking enough time required for writing. Let’s move on, to the next segment of this fascinating blog post. 

Other problems have been listed in this article. Click here to check it out.

How to Excel as an Author in Nigeria

Excelling as an author is not so much of a hectic task, if you have the right team mates, mentors, attitude, and directions. In this segment, we have listed five (5) ways through which you can become very successful as an author in Nigeria. Here we go!

Study Your Environment

The first thing every author should know, is how their environment would respond to their books. Having this knowledge is advantageous in helping the author know what to write, and how to market. Studying your environment is rather easier than you think. You can start by asking people in your neighborhood what they expect in a book, and what they look forward to in your book.

If your book isn’t as great as the hype, your image would be critiqued. However, if your book beats expectations, your image would be the one enjoying the benefits. In simpler words, avoid hype, avoid discouragement, and distractions. Study your environment, note what other authors have done. Note their mistakes, avoid these mistakes, and enjoy your writing journey.

Try out Book Promotions

Book promotions are another method of gaining popularity and excelling as an author. Book promotion will help you to reach out to your necessary audience. You can start by checking our other blog posts to know how book promotions and some of these other tips work. So! In summary, book promotion involves holding an event in your neighborhood, or somewhere else to create awareness about your book. 

Book promotion gives you a public image, allows people to identify, praise or critique you and your work. It also gives room for you to meet with aspiring and inspiring authors. You can hold a book promotion at your family get together or during a Christmas dinner.

Give yourself a Public Image

You’re an author, why do you need a “brand”? It sounds so corporate and, well, you’re not. While you may not be a multinational corporation, you do have one thing in common. While you may not be a multinational corporation, you do have one thing in common. You’re both selling a product, and you need a positive and engaging image to go with it. Your brand is how you package and present your image, and it’s an essential component of marketing your book. Let’s talk about the why, and how.

People often find and fall in love with the author way before they read the book. Think of how often you’ve come across an interview with a book author and thought, hmm, I’d love to read that book. Or consider the contemporary authors that you know now. What do you believe about them? What makes you want to buy their books again and again? Sure, the premise of the story may be interesting, but that’s probably not enough to push you over the buying edge.

And stripping away peer recommendations, what makes that author relatable, interesting and worthy of taking a chance on?

If I could distill it to a one-word answer, I would say, “presentation”. Otherwise, how will people know about you, care about you and want to buy your book?

Sure, you can eventually build a following through the power of referral, but how do you reach those first few readers who’ll pick up your book and give it a chance?

The answer is: Through exceptional branding.

Branding is both how you present your books to the public and yourself as a writer. It’s also what people think and believe about you. You can check out more here!

Make your book Interesting

Today’s best novels make readers so desperate to know what happens next that they’ll stay up reading well past midnight, blistering thumbs and all, until THE END. Then and only then will they be able to relax, their souls flooded with satisfaction, relief and peace. Only to be followed—ideally!—by a gnawing sense of unfulfillment, anxiety and a compulsion to read more books by you.

It’s our responsibility to feed their addiction.

Looking at successful authors and their polished products, you might conclude they must have some literary alchemy at their fingertips, or they really are slightly superhuman, or they’ve made a deal with the devil. (If only it were so easy!)

But no: Writing a page turner is an art and a craft. And you can learn to do it. These simple steps have been listed below.

  • Allow the plot to be inspired by your emotions and gut!
  • Supercharged your characters cast by creating relatable characters.
  • Confuse your reader.
  • Allow your readers into the heads of your characters.
  • Give one character a secret.
  • Create an unpredictable character.
  • Climax.
  • Finally, end the book or novel.

If you follow these steps you will be sure to make your novel inspiring to your readers. You can stay tuned to get our latest update on how to make your book enjoyable. This post is scheduled for next week.


Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. Self-publishing has many meanings but all definitions are centered at one central point. The main point referred to here is an author’s freedom. 

In simpler terms, self-publishing aims at generating freedom for writers in different categories. I hope this definition is simple enough. Checking our previous articles will help you in understanding what self-publishing is and how you can participate. 

In case of time shortage, this article will help you understand the need for self-publishing; before speaking on the different tips, self-published authors mention to have worked for them.

Self-publishing is the process of publishing your books via an online publishing company. This process is the easiest method of publishing and allowing your reader to gain attention seamlessly and efficiently. You are assured of the best services at the best price when you self-publish with Harmony Publishing.

Self-publishing is what Harmony publishing sells! In simpler words, we help others gain freedom and empower themselves through online publishing. When you publish with harmony publishing, we will help you to edit, proofread, and perform other necessary procedures to ensure your book gets to your audience.


There you have it! We’ve discussed the different methods through which you can excel as an author in Nigeria. Implement these tips and watch your career magically climax.

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