COVID19 and the General Publishing Industry

Welcome to another inspiring blog post by Harmony Publishing; in today’s post we will be discussing the impact of COVID19 on the General publishing industry. Hence, today’s post is tagged COVID19 and the General Publishing Industry. As you already know, the publishing industry has taken a major hit during the periods within which the pandemic […]

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Successful Self-published Nigerian Authors and their stories

Welcome to another article which educates Nigerian author on the several patterns of publishing and marketing in the Nigerian market; in today’s article, we will be speaking about some successful self-published Nigerian authors and their stories. The art of self-publishing shouldn’t be new to you by now. It is a simple procedure that involves publishing […]

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Too Late For Anything by Obioha Oti

The book “Too Late For Anything” is a book by Obioha Oti and published by Harmony Publishing. Regret, betrayal, revenge, lust and greed are some of the thematic concerns in Obioha Oti’s debut novel, Too Late for Anything. The novel centers a simpleton named David Kalu Udensi whom all the actions revolve around. He is […]

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Mother is Gold

Henry Akubuiro One of the reasons poetry isn’t widely read is because of its often turgid diction and images opaque to many outside the literary universe. Perhaps Asadu Ibobo has that in mind in crafting her debut poetry volume, First Fruits, published by Harmony Publishing, Lagos — a collection neither tasking comprehension nor simplistic. Few of […]

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9 Problems of Book Publishing in Nigeria

From the moment a child can speak, they need books to learn more. This is the pattern for all humans until we all expire; we have to keep reading. Books are part of the essentials we need each day. It’s like food for the mind. Surprisingly, the Nigerian publishing industry has been subjected to numerous […]

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The Cost of Editing and Proofreading

As a writer proofreading & editing is great. You encounter lots of errors on a daily basis, and these errors cause a lot of stress for authors. These issues arise from poor expression or grammatical construction, and sometimes could be a pain caused by a bee’s sting for writers. A lot of writers have to […]

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