How an Author Platform Can Help You Sell More Books and Grow Your Audience

Curious about an author platform (and its importance)? This article addresses fundamental questions to initiate considerations on expanding your platform before book publication. So, your book is finally complete. What’s next? If you’re anything like me, your initial instinct might be to stash that manuscript away in a drawer, away from the eyes of potential […]

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Free Advice And Guidance On How To Publish Your Own Book From In-depth Knowledge From A Nigerian Publisher

Are you thinking of writing a book? A collection of poems? A few short stories about your life or work? Or maybe even a full novel? Have you a dream of publishing it and seeing it in your hand as a finished product? Yet you don’t know where to start? Editors . . . proofreaders… […]

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BUILD AND MARKET YOUR BRAND: Short Series On Book Publishing And Marketing In Nigeria

Welcome to Harmony Publishing, here we are covering a series of blogs on book publishing and especially marketing in Nigeria. BUILD AND MARKET YOUR BRAND Your book title might rock, but your author name is your most reliable brand. Grab a domain name that matched your name and built a website. It is not advisable […]

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