Too Late For Anything by Obioha Oti

The book “Too Late For Anything” is a book by Obioha Oti and published by Harmony Publishing. Regret, betrayal, revenge, lust and greed are some of the thematic concerns in Obioha Oti’s debut novel, Too Late for Anything. The novel centers a simpleton named David Kalu Udensi whom all the actions revolve around. He is […]

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Mother is Gold

Henry Akubuiro One of the reasons poetry isn’t widely read is because of its often turgid diction and images opaque to many outside the literary universe. Perhaps Asadu Ibobo has that in mind in crafting her debut poetry volume, First Fruits, published by Harmony Publishing, Lagos — a collection neither tasking comprehension nor simplistic. Few of […]

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Self-Publishing Step by Step Guide

Do you have an agent? Which publisher are you working with? Should I introduce you to some good publishers? These are some of the questions you will likely face when you tell people about your upcoming book. In truth, using the help of publishing companies can help give your book the push you need. But […]

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Best Book Publishers in Lagos Nigeria

If you are based in Lagos, it can be hard finding the best book publisher in Lagos. There are so many names to pick from, and they offer different publishing services. But only the best can help you publish your book and get it into your target audience’s hand. You can’t trust all publishers with […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Accelerating Your Career And Business Through Writing Online And Book Publishing

Writing your book can change your life and advance your career and business if it is done right. Today, we shall share tips on why writing a book could signal the beginning of your journey to the future of learning, education, and wealth creation. It’s the best way to learn faster, build your resume, and […]

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Free Advice And Guidance On How To Publish Your Own Book From In-depth Knowledge From A Nigerian Publisher

Are you thinking of how to publish your own book? A collection of poems? A few short stories about your life or work? Or maybe even a full novel? Have you a dream of publishing it and seeing it in your hand as a finished product? Yet you don’t know where to start? Editors . […]

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