Book Publishing in Nigeria

book publishing in nigeria

Book publishing in Nigeria, How do I publish my book? Many writers ask this question after spending days, weeks, months, or years preparing an excellent and informative book. Are you also puzzled by this question? You are far from alone if you do.

In truth, getting your books to readers in Nigeria and beyond is not an easy task. The good news is, many writers are successfully pushing their books to their prospective readers each day. This article will explore some essential tips that will help you successfully publish your book in Nigeria.

Steps for Book Publishing in Nigeria 

Picking the best book publishers in Nigeria depends on following some essential steps. 

The Planning Process

Planning is the most important thing when it comes to publishing your book. Your concept must be clear from the start.  

Writing a book will require you to answer some personal questions. What are you writing about? Where are you starting from? In the middle of the planning process, you need to remember that if your book is not interesting, many won’t bother to buy them. 

Endeavor to deposit the best ideas, unique information, and clear ideas for your readers. Only then will they be interested in reading your book. 

Additionally, what genre will your book fall under? Who are the target audiences? Business owners, students, married couples, adults, or those seeking jobs? For your plan to be effective, you need to clarify what you are writing and the shape you want the book to take. This is because you can quickly lose focus and divert attention when writing.

Tip: Readers only pay attention to books that offer unique content.

Developing the Book – Book publishing in Nigeria

Do you notice that engineers develop a prototype for a product before developing the product itself? They do this to ensure that the idea in their mind can be developed in real life. 

The same thing is also required of you as a writer. You should endeavor to create a skeleton design for your book. This will form the foundation on which the overall idea in the book will be founded.

While writing often depends on inspiration and research, you’re not going to pen everything down. Is it included in the skeleton you designed? Is the information helpful? Does it make the book more exciting, or are you just filling up words? Questions like these should be considered during your development stage.

When doing your research, consult books that share the same or related opinions. Your focus should be on doing what they did differently. Don’t just spin their words, do something different. People should not be able to trace the source of your idea. It should be unique and reach the goal of improving the experience and life of your readers.

Tip: Develop a perfect skeleton for your book. 

Start Writing 

Having developed your ideas and designs the shape the book will take, you should proceed to write. Without writing, you will have nothing to publish. Writing is the most crucial step when it comes to publishing books.

Since you have developed a skeleton, proceed to add flesh to the skeleton. Work at your pace, unless you have a strict deadline, move slowly as you want the best piece void of error. 

When you start writing, more ideas will come, be sure to implement them well. 

Many often stop at the writing stage as they face a series of problems. Obstacles you can expect when writing, but with a clear plan, it will take more than obstacles to stop you from reaching your goal. Take breaks as desired, but never give up. 

Tip: Move at a steady pace and set targets and deadlines. 

Proofread the book and work on your manuscript

Have you read a book that contains numerous grammatical and structural errors? This often boils down to skipping the vital step of proofreading. When reading, don’t rush through the text, be thorough. Your pace should be slower than when you were writing, do this if you want to succeed in your book publishing in Nigeria.

If you don’t trust your patience when it comes to reading your text, you can use an editor’s help. Ensure the editor is grammatically sound and perfect when it comes to the use of punctuations.

You can also find critics who will read the book. Please pay attention to the mistakes they point out and improve on them.

When you have correctly addressed all the book issues, you can then transform your text into a manuscript. Now you have a piece to show the publisher. This manuscript is what they are going to print for you. There are standard formats for writing books. Make sure they use these formats when working on your book; otherwise, readers will be discouraged.

Developing the final piece

Having dropped the book with a publisher, you should then work on the book’s illustration and cover. Ensure you use illustrations that are clear and easy to understand. Use images or diagrams that are also clear and readable.

You must have heard the phrases “Do not judge a book by its cover. ” Sorry, many readers will not touch the book if the cover is not captivating enough. Ensure the cover effectively delivers the idea covered in the book and that it is beautiful enough to grace readers’ shelves.

Publish and Market

There are different publishing options. You may choose to publish the book yourself or use the help of established publishers in Nigeria. Send your manuscript to different publishers, and wait for their response.

If your book is up to standard, they are more likely to accept publishing them. When using established publishers, your worries are limited. They understand the requirement for each type of book you are writing, and they will address each book based on the genre. 

If you are publishing in-house, ensure you try a text copy self, read and be sure it is out the way you desire. You can then proceed to publish the remaining book.

Promoting the book won’t be your problem if you are using established publishers. The publisher will handle such responsibility. They print and promote the book as long as the book carries the quality they desire.

As a self-publisher, you will have to worry about promoting the book. You should try promoting on the internet, among friends and family members, in your workplace, and to the desired or target audience. 


Nothing will stop your book from getting to your desired audience when you cross all the necessary dots. With an established publisher, your book can reach the height you desire.

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