Book Publishing in Nigeria

Book publishing in Nigeria, How do I publish my book? Many writers ask this question after spending days, weeks, months, or years preparing an excellent and informative book. Are you also puzzled by this question? You are far from alone if you do. In truth, getting your books to readers in Nigeria and beyond is […]

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Self-Publishing Step by Step Guide

Do you have an agent? Which publisher are you working with? Should I introduce you to some good publishers? These are some of the questions you will likely face when you tell people about your upcoming book. In truth, using the help of publishing companies can help give your book the push you need. But […]

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Best Book Publishers in Lagos Nigeria

If you are based in Lagos, it can be hard finding the best book publisher in Lagos. There are so many names to pick from, and they offer different publishing services. But only the best can help you publish your book and get it into your target audience’s hand. You can’t trust all publishers with […]

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The Cost of Editing and Proofreading

As a writer proofreading & editing is great. You encounter lots of errors on a daily basis, and these errors cause a lot of stress for authors. These issues arise from poor expression or grammatical construction, and sometimes could be a pain caused by a bee’s sting for writers. A lot of writers have to […]

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Writing is a way of expressing one’s self to the public in a manner or demeanour that they will enjoy. Writing, mostly involves the use of tools that enhance the writing experience for the average writer. Since technology has evolved, writing tools have also evolved. Formerly writers had to make use of the typewriter whenever […]

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