BOOK REVIEW: ‘Living a life of purpose in a crazy world’ Abimbola Olumuyiwa’s interrogative piece

As books are written to make impacts in our lives, so are many books written for various purposes. While some come with educative, informative and entertaining contents, others come to question our intuitive beliefs over our existential purposes. “Built for More,” as one of those, in this category is a book that interprets such purposes. […]

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The Cost of Editing and Proofreading

As a writer proofreading & editing is great. You encounter lots of errors on a daily basis, and these errors cause a lot of stress for authors. These issues arise from poor expression or grammatical construction, and sometimes could be a pain caused by a bee’s sting for writers. A lot of writers have to […]

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Writing is a way of expressing one’s self to the public in a manner or demeanour that they will enjoy. Writing, mostly involves the use of tools that enhance the writing experience for the average writer. Since technology has evolved, writing tools have also evolved. Formerly writers had to make use of the typewriter whenever […]

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SELF PUBLISHING: 5 Easy Steps to Self Publishing

How To Use This Guide Over the years, Harmony Publishing has helped lots and lots of authors in self publishing their books. This is regardless of the genre of the book, or the language in which the book was written. Harmony Publishing has skimmed through every possible challenge independent authors can face during the course […]

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Online writing is the best way to learn writing at a comfortable, yet fast past, build your career and find people who could create business gateways for you. A person who does online writing, is one who is volatile, he/she reshapes themselves to any temperature, rhythm, genre or niche and gets the reader lost in […]

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