5 Ways to Promote Your Book

The 5 ways to promote your book come after you’ve properly self-published your book, you have achieved enlightenment and freedom from the shackles of traditional publishing. But for your book to be effective you have to make sure it touches the lives you want it to. You have to make sure it gets to its perfect reader, without that, your book and name isn’t going nowhere.

To ensure your book gets to the readers in your fan base, you have to take some necessary and essential steps. These steps will define the impact of your books on your readers and how well your writing skills have improved so far. The only ideal way to make sure your book gets to its readers is through promotions; so here are 5 ways to promote your book.

Before you indulge into the art of promotion, you must have either written a book, or co-authored one. If you haven’t had any experience in the fields listed above, then you are still in great luck because we will discuss all of that here and now. The art of self-publishing is very wide and requires little understanding before you get involved (isn’t that great?!). Well as usual, let’s discuss the meaning of self-publishing before we see the 5 ways to promote your book.

What is Self-publishing?

We’ve spoken a lot about Self-publishing your own eBooks, and I’m sure you are really looking into that by now. A lot of people have been having problems on what to publish, and how to publish; but I think that shouldn’t be a problem.

Most people especially business people who are skilled in writing have these problems, and this is due to their tight schedules. Nevertheless, your tight schedule should not prevent you from making your passion known to the world. This and many more is made possible through one of the services which we offer called Self-publishing.

Self-publishing is an easy task for as many who want to gain popularity, and extra income from their talents which is writing. Harmony publishing is a certified book publishing company world-wide, and we are committed to helping you publish, and gain from your Books.

The truth is that many people who are great, and experienced writers do not know how to begin projects, and sadly enough, this tells on their work, if you are in such position, do not be scared, because today’s article will surely help you figure out where you should start from.

Self-publishing is the art of publishing your books through an online publishing company. This process is the easiest way to publish, and popularise your book easily, and efficiently. With a reliable Publishing company like Harmony Publishing, you are assured of the best quality services at a very affordable price.

Self-publishing is a very simple task, once you’ve found the right self-publisher, but if not then look no further as Harmony publishing offers these services at author-friendly rates. So self-publishing on its own is a first and major step to promote your book. Such is due to the availability of some of your book’s copies online –self-publishing allows you put up your books for sample reading online, and if they like ’em they pay for ‘em.  

So! Enough with the Self-publishing talk, let’s get down to some 5 impressive ways which you can use to promote your book

5 Ways to Promote Your Book

When thinking of how to promote your book either old or new, there are some things you’d need to consider. Not only will we be discussing these necessities, but we will also be educating you on how to reach your audience with the aid of other experienced authors. So! Here are the certified 5 ways to promote your book.

Publicize your Book on Social Media

Social media is a planet on its own, it is a very large virtual place, where people from different markets, backgrounds and specialization come together. Successful book authors have released testimonies of making large sales because they uploaded their book on the internet via their social media handles. Before we proceed to the steps you need to take, let’s see some testimonies from authors.

“A friend of mine wrote a short story featuring an alternate version of me, as a thank you. Being the narcissist that I am, I shared it on social media.” Russel Phillips a military technology and history writer.

From Chris Casburn an English children’s author – “Our local group of indie authors are running a #‎summerreads promotion on Facebook.  It’s a mix of book promotion and writing tips. I sold 90 books from my Creatures of Chichester series at my last one.”

“I was doing a book signing at a Christmas Fayre. They had Disney characters and Superheros. I took photos of Elsa and Spider-Man with my books and posted on social media.” Wendy Jones

From Helen Kara“When people tweet or email to say they’ve bought one of my books, I offer to post them a signed bookplate for it, free of charge. I commissioned the bookplates from a professional artist and, while I have no way to calculate the return on investment, they seem to go down well. Some people tweet pictures of them, and I’m sure they promote conversation about my books and my work.”

Aside the use of social media, people have also testified about getting positive responses and promotions when they make use of blogs and other websites. Most of these websites include Kindle and GoodReads. You can create a Goodreads account and start uploading your book on your account. On the other hand, creating a social media profile will widely promote your career, book and experience –thereby helping you locate your audience in the vast number of people who read your books.

Social media platforms like twitter have groups such as @writer’scommunity which aids writers in getting the necessary lift they need. Aside from self-publishing your book, joining these platforms and communities will help to promote your book.

Create and actively operate a Goodreads Author Profile

As mentioned in the previous sub-head, creating an author’s profile on Goodreads is another great method of promoting your book. Since creating and operating these accounts are easy, you won’t have any problems uploading your books there. However, it is of relative importance that you create an account with these platforms. As usual, we will be sharing some testimonies provided on selfpublishingadvice’s website.

Derek Murphy, Taiwan “Pretty easy one: Google your keywords – you’ll probably see one of Goodreads’ lists on page one. Add your book there and get your followers to voted it up. Easy to do and long lasting.”

“I set up a link in Book Funnel for Second Chance Grill (Book 1 Liberty Series; Women’s Fiction). Then I sent out a Goodreads Events invite to 3400 readers offering 200 free copies to celebrate the February arrival of my new Wheaten Terrier. I also linked to a blog post about losing Nala in December, and Lucy’s impending arrival. I’ll hit the 200 download limit today or tomorrow. More importantly (and this is important because I’m between heavy promoting months), I’ve seen a surge in downloads of the other Liberty books in the US, Canada and UK. Equally important, I received a flurry of comments from readers on the GR event page and in private message. Clearly I struck a chord with WF readers. I’ll now expand the promotion to my newsletter this week. Take-aways: 1) People buy from people. The more “human” our author persona, the more readers with whom we’ll connect. Those readers will then remember us–a critical consideration, given the abundance of books available. 2) The best promotions aren’t necessarily the ones that cost money to implement.” From Christine Nolfi, USA

The first step to take here is to try. Trying solves it all! Try creating a profile on Goodreads then post your books there. You’re sure to get an answer from interested audience within a week at most.

Sell your books at private events

Although it might not seem like much or a good idea at all, but selling your books at private events tend to help promote your books in great ways. One great thing about self-publishing is the leverage it gives authors who partake of the concept. You can decide to host an author event and then request for a number of copies from your self-publisher, e.g. Harmony publishing and we will make it available, prior to the date.

Speak with your Local Booksellers

This task is designated to you the author –since only you can do it! You can offer to hand sell some of your books to the book sellers in your locality or at the library. These are great ways to promote your book, career and expertise –especially when your books are educative and fun to read. Booksellers are capable of influencing a buyer’s decision on a particular book and so is a librarian. Ensure you get friendly with the bookseller so he/she would have no other choice than to want to help sell your book.


The issue of self-publishing cannot be over emphasized in our 5 ways of promoting your book article. Self-publishing is the best and only method for you to overcome the shackles of traditional publishing, it also provides you with enough time to perform other goals and aspirations in your life!

You might not know it. But hiring the services of self-publishing companies like harmony publishing will help ease the process of promoting and marketing your books. Check out our publishing packages to help you understand how self-publishing works and how affordable and advantageous it can be when you start!


There are many ways to promote your book. But you sure need to understand that promoting your book is only step in making people read your books. Having the right editor, publisher and plot are vital in getting a good review or remark on every one of your books –and that is what Harmony publishing is all about!

Your book matters to us! And that’s why we are dedicated to making it the best there is. We have helped a lot of writers and authors achieve their dream so why can’t you be next?! Just bring it along, and we’ll do it for you.

Harmony publishing is in the business of providing authors with the perfect publishing plans. These marketing plans have enabled them to market and self-publish their Books with ease.

Our payment plans are flexible and provide authors with concise and straight to the point analysis of how their payments will further sell or advertise their Books.

We offer users flexible, seamless, pocket friendly, and convenient options of subscriptions to our authors/clients for them to pick from, our services are top notch and cannot be beaten across the world. Try Harmony publishing today, and get an author’s value on your money.

About Harmony Publishing

Harmony Publishing also plays a very important role in publishing in Nigeria, the company provides self-publishing services which is aimed at helping authors realize their dreams while minimizing the encumbrances associated with publishing.

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